Why You Should Buy CBD Oil for Pain

CBD Oil Can be Effective for Pain Management

Because of the “legalize marijuana” pledge, now there’s a renewed interest in CBD oil. I used the word “renewed” because Israeli researchers began studying CBD circa the mid-1970s drawing the medical community’s attention to it. But because mainstream media wasn’t big on it back then, it wasn’t commercialized.

Today, medical marijuana and CBD oil for pain is the only hope for many suffering from chronic pain that either gets worse or stays the same. They listened to their doctor’s advice, tried conventional medication. But when both steroidal drugs and NSAIDs have proven ineffective to treat their condition, they turned to CBD realizing it’s an efficient pain reliever.

CBD and painkillers

CBD treats pain. Notice I didn’t use the word “manage.” You must have read hundreds of articles on the web by now, all glorifying OTC painkillers laden with chemicals. Guess what, pharma companies write and publish these articles, and painkillers don’t treat pain.

They only manage pain. There’s a big difference. Treatment always starts with the aim of getting rid of an ailment once and for all. Managing symptoms, on the other hand, are based on the assumption that the underlying condition will never go away.

How CBD treats pain

There are multiple ways CBD treats pain. One, it temporarily blocks the key neural pathways responsible for transmitting pain signals to the brain. Two, it relaxes the muscles in and around the site of pain. Three, it reduces muscle spasms and inflammation resulting from pain. Four, pain causes the blood pressure to go up and the heart rate to increase. CBD soothes the nerves, as a result, tolerance for pain increases and heart rate slows down.

In the ensuing paragraph, we’ll see how CBD is different from regular painkillers in terms of causing side-effects.

CBD and painkillers

Painkillers are infamous for causing side-effects. People virtually curse corticosteroid and other steroidal analgesic for the nasty side-effects they cause. But CBD? You never hear anyone complaining that CBD cured the painful conditions they were suffering from at the expense of making their lives miserable in every other way. Because CBD doesn’t work that way. That’s difference number two.

Painkillers can be of different types, containing different chemical components and effective against different types of pain. For example, ibuprofen – one of the most sold painkillers out there – is effective against low to moderate pain. Side effects include faster heart rate, asthma, etc.

Paracetamol, on the other hand, can damage your liver if you take it for a long time. Aspirin is considered harmless, but tell that to people with GERD to see how they react. Here’s a hint, they’ll roll their eyes and probably cringe. More potent painkillers like codeine are recommended only when the pain is above the level of tolerability because the side-effects caused by these drugs are even nastier.

Enters CBD. You can rest fully assured knowing the lessening of pain won’t be compensated by adverse side-effects. CBD oil for pain is so popular because it contains two important cannabinoids that can diminish pain without putting your body at any kind of risk. These cannabinoids are CBD and THC. They bind to different cannabinoid receptors and treat pain in different ways.

THC treats pain

There’s a misconception that THC does nothing other than triggering the release of endorphin and inducing euphoria. THC is a psychotropic component found in marijuana and it alters moods and emotions. Sufferers of pain are normally bitter and tensed. Studies found that their muscles stay a lot tighter than normal people. As THC’s effects kick in, they immediately observe a marked change in their mood. They stop feeling bitter and become less bothered about their health condition. As a result, their muscles begin to relax, which is a sign of recovery from pain.

THC is nature’s own analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent, sans the side-effects that typically characterize painkillers in the dispensary stores that we buy like candies. So the next time you are suffering from joint or shoulder pain, call up a CBD oil retailer instead of going to a drughouse nearby. Retailers put indica-heavy or hybrid strain yield CBD oil for pain for sale as it is in high demand.

Treatment of chronic pain

As stated above, successful treatment of chronic pain requires the underlying health issue fixed forever. CBD oil does that although it takes some time. Arthritis, spondylosis, nerve problems, tumors, disc fracture, etc are some of the causes behind chronic and (allopathic) treatment resistant pain. CBD, THC and other less-known cannabinoids fight off pain and cure these conditions.


The reason CBD oil is so popular is it treats pain effectively. It is way better than NSAID painkillers. And as discussed here, it has zero side-effect. So, need any more reason to buy CBD oil? I guess not.