Why is The Need For Water-Soluble CBD Products Rising?

CBD Products

If you look at the past decade or so, CBD was not a commonly used term. But today pretty much everybody has heard about CBD,  the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in the hemp plant as well as the cannabis plant. This particular cannabinoid is touted to have the power to heal practically all kinds of pains and aches associated with a myriad of problems.

All these effects, when it comes to CBD are in the absence of any euphoric reactions. That means you get the health benefits without the usually associated high of cannabis. There was a time when the only form of consumption at your disposal was a tincture. But that was when the market had just begun to gain traction. Today the scenario is a little different.

There are new methods of delivery making their way to the market on an almost daily basis. People are vaping, eating and even drinking CBD based cocktails.  Out of everything mentioned, it is the CBD beverage market that is seeing a steep climb. So much so that it is estimated to touch 260 million by 2022.

This rapid climb has led to an increased interest in water-soluble CBD.

Water-soluble CBD oils are amongst the best ways to enjoy the medicinal properties of the compound CBD. And the best part is that you do not need a 420 doctor to give you a recommendation for buying CBD products! Hemp-derived CBD is actually legal all over the country.

These specific oils are getting popular in the market due to the low cost per dose and several other features. So what exactly are water-soluble CBD products and what are their benefits? Read on to learn more.

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

We all know that the human body is made up of 60 percent water. We also know that oil & water don’t mix. So, it is a little difficult for CBD oil to get absorbed in the bloodstream. What this does is reduce the bioavailability of the CBD products on the market.

Now, the immediate question to cross your mind would be-what exactly is bioavailability? And what is its role in the effectiveness of CBD?

Bioavailability is the proportion of a drug or any other substance that you are introducing in your system that enters into the bloodstream.  CBD oil isn’t absorbed easily in the bloodstream, thus impacting its effects when taken in different forms such as tinctures, capsules, edibles, and topicals.

Some studies show that CBD oil oral consumption has a bioavailability of around 6% whereas, for smoking, it’s 31%. Vaping is one of the strongest and fastest CBD delivery methods. Low bioavailability levels of oral CBD consumption-led researchers to develop a solution with improved effects & function.

How Is Water Soluble CBD Made?

Water-soluble CBD products are created through a method called nanotechnology. A branch of science that is concerned with “building things” from their most basic particles i.e. atoms and molecules.

In the case of CBD, nanotechnology uses sound waves to break up the existing CBD clusters into even smaller micro-sized particles. This method is one of the most effective ways to create water-soluble CBD.

Via this method, CBD is broken down into 10-100 nanometer droplets. To illustrate a nanometer is about a billionth of a meter. A nanometer is actually so small that it is incomprehensible to the human mind.

As the CBD gets reduced to this microscopic size, it becomes a lot more compatible with water as it is at a size that allows it to dissolve in the water molecules.

This is the technology that is on its way to revolutionize the CBD market.

Why A Revolution?

The first thing to remember is that the CBD industry, at the current pace it is progressing, is bound to experience a boom, sooner than later. A large portion of the country is in favor of trying out this compound at least once to get relief from their condition.

CBD is available in oils, creams, gummies, teas, coffees, etc. This is probably one of the reasons why CBD is being accepted by people from all walks of life. Be it pain, chronic inflammation or migraines, there are so many medical conditions that you can manage with CBD products.

The market for CBD is also highly diverse with food, beverages, health and beauty, all trying their best to incorporate it in their profile.

What water-soluble CBD allows a major chunk of companies to do is to remove the petty issues like incorporation and smell from their products. This automatically makes any product a lot more attractive to the customer. You will no longer have a slightly funny tasting drink. Instead, as CBD dissolves into the water, you can make it a lot more pleasing to the taste buds.

This is why water-soluble cannabinoids are poised to change the cannabis market.

Major Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD Products

Improved Bioavailability

This is one of the biggest benefits of water-soluble CBD products. The nanoemulsion process improves the bioavailability of water-based products in comparison to the oil-based counterparts. What does it mean actually? You can reduce the dosage to achieve the same effects. Less amount of product is required to achieve the same effects. As less product enters your body, less is wasted which makes it more economical for you as the user.

Mix With Beverages

Another amazing benefit of water-based CBD products is that you can easily mix them with your favorite beverages. Prepare a cup of coffee for yourself and add a small quantity of water-soluble CBD oil. Water soluble-CBD products can also be mixed with water, thus making a great addition to your workout routine. Just add some water-soluble CBD into your shaker and take it pre or post-workout.

Fast Action

As the bioavailability of a product increases so does its effectiveness. When you compare it with other CBD products, you will see that it acts a lot faster. But why does that happen? When consumed orally, CBD oil reaches the bloodstream through the digestive tract and liver. This journey decreases the amount of CBD that you end up within your system. But if it is a water-soluble oil it acts a lot faster, as otherwise oil just does not mix very well within the body leading to a longer onset time.

Better Value

Depending on the method that is used to create the water-soluble product in question. The bioavailability of the product can increase by up to 500%. This implies that you will need a 1/5th of the dosage for the exact same results. So, in the end the price per dose decreases.

Different Types of Water Soluble CBD

For creating water-soluble CBD products, CBD and other compounds are broken, emulsified and carried through other processes. A surfactant is used for reducing the surface tension between the water and oil. The most common method was highlighted above, where nanotechnology plays a huge role in breaking down the molecules. However, there are other ways as well in which the same effect can be achieved.

Here are some of the other ways to make CBD products water friendly-


The 100-5000 nanometer droplets that are created using a chemical process, which require surfactants in high amounts. CBD is solubilized in water to create nanodroplets. As high amounts of surfactants are required some undesirable side effects for the user can take place. Thankfully, this is not an emulsion that is commonly found.


It’s the best method of creating water-soluble CBD oils. It involves breaking up the substance into 10-100 nanometer droplets. The process requires a low amount of surfactants. Unlike the microemulsion all surfactants used in this process are natural. This means that the number of side effects associated with this process is also lower. These products can be added to various drinks without getting visually detected.


These are spherical structures of size ranging from 50-5000 nanometer. The inner layer is a water-friendly (hydrophilic) compartment which is then covered by a water-insoluble bilayer. The water-friendly compartments contain hydrophobic bilayers, which contain the CBD extract.

Products manufactured by using this technology are popular in the hemp industry. The downsides of this process are that it’s highly complex and requires surfactants in high amounts,

Risks and Downsides of Water Soluble CBD

There are various advantages of consuming water-soluble CBD. Especially the fact that high dosages can be delivered to your bloodstream in a much shorter amount of time. But with every good thing, there are certain things one needs to consider before you try out a water-soluble CBD product.

Added Chemicals

The manufacturing of water-soluble CBD products requires certain chemicals that you might not want in your body. Chemicals like propylene glycol are a common additive in these products. So, you should be careful about the products that you buy from the market and check the ingredients before you make a purchase.


Because the number of companies producing this are relatively few and the process is expensive. The product itself is also expensive in comparison to the normal CBD oil available in the market. However, as the dosage required is also a lot less, in the end, you do make up for the added expense.

The Impact On The Consumer Industry

Even though this is a relatively new product that is created using a new technology, the implications of water-soluble CBD are very clear for a large portion of the consumer market. Lets what they are:


Edibles are the leading method of consumption that a large number of new as well as existing consumers of CBD would like to try out. CBD is a functional ingredient and has the potential to act as a mood enhancer thus blurring the lines between pharma and food. Additionally, it also comes with a horde of health benefits like ;

  • Plant-based
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Keto-friendly
  • Great source of Omega-3


CBD beverages are on the rise. Their biggest issue thus far has been the taste and as we all know that taste is a big driving factor of any beverage. With water-soluble CBD, the unpleasant aftertaste will be eliminated thus making it a much more pleasant experience.

Why Do People Consume CBD?

There are many reasons why people prefer consuming this substance, especially for dealing with their mental and physical health problems. When consumed through any method, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for controlling different bodily functions. Thus, CBD can help in regulating different functions-

  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Appetite
  • Sleep

Thus, CBD can help you manage various conditions, thus improving the overall health.

Another major reason for taking CBD products is that it doesn’t deliver intoxicating effects, unlike cannabis. Marijuana’s high effects are due to the presence of THC. And, as compared to THC, CBD is legal in more places in the United States. According to the Agriculture Improvement of Act of 2018, hemp-derived CBD (which contains no more than 0.3% THC) is legal. However, if you want to use marijuana, you require a medical marijuana card signed by a licensed MMJ doctor. Your doctor will evaluate your condition, check your medical history, and provide you with the card if you qualify. You can use the card to access state-licensed dispensaries to purchase cannabis products.

To sum up, water-soluble CBD products are gaining popularity in the consumer world. Truly water-soluble CBD is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to kick start the true growth of the cannabis plant in the FMCG sector. As more people are turning to CBD for dealing with their mental and emotional conditions, it’s important to use the best version of the drug. Water-soluble CBD products have many benefits over oil-based CBD products, such as improved bio-availability levels and quick action.

CBD oils come in different strengths. Everyone has a different condition that requires different products for managing symptoms. When buying the CBD oils, make sure you read the label carefully and check the CBD content to get what’s right for you. To alleviate your symptoms completely, make sure you buy the best quality CBD products from a reputed online store.