Why Do You Need To Test Cannabis Products Before Using?

Cannabis Products Before Using

Consuming medicines without knowing the composition can highly affect the health of humans. No one would take the dosage of medicines without understanding the strength and effects. And this is the reason, why everyone checks the composition of medicine before buying it.

Just like medicines, it is also important to check the composition of Cannabis products before consuming. Cannabis products are widely used for medical purposes. For medical marijuana patients, testing CBD in cannabis is very important for improving the health conditions. If you don’t want to compromise with your immune system, then stop consuming cannabis without knowing its potency or composition.

Let’s have a look at some important points, why you need to test the cannabis products.

For Human safety –

During cannabis cultivation, the plants are often exposed to dangerous fungicides, pesticides, and harmful chemicals. And it is the nature of cannabis plants to absorb everything to which they are exposed. If you are consuming the cannabis products without testing them properly, there are high chances you may end up ruining your immune system. For safety, make sure the cannabis you are consuming is free from mycotoxins, microbiological contaminants, pesticides, and harmful components.

To determine the potency –

The presence of cannabinoids in cannabis highly influence its effects and experience. More than 100 varieties of cannabinoids are found in cannabis products. Mainly, the presence of THC and CBD cannabinoids determine the potency of cannabis. It is recommended not to consume medical cannabis without determining the potency. Cannabis products with higher potency are capable of affecting the human nervous system. So, either consult a doctor or use THC potency test kit to determine the potency of cannabis.

For effective health benefits –

Medical cannabis is recommended for patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, chronic back pain, multiple sclerosis, Glaucoma, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS, and others. But it is very important to consume medical cannabis with appropriate dosage. If the patient consumes cannabis more than the specified dosage, there are chances; the health may deteriorate with time. To measure the dosage of cannabis intake, you need to determine the strength of cannabis Without testing, the cannabis product, it is impossible to determine its strength and effects.

How to determine the potency of cannabis?

In the states, where cannabis products are legal, the individuals prefer to test the cannabis in big laboratories. The test results include the composition of cannabis, the potency of cannabinoids, and the presence of any contaminants. From the laboratory results, you can determine whether the cannabis is safe to consume or not. But it is not feasible to opt for lab testing all the time.

The states where cannabis consumption is considered illegal, it is difficult to find a laboratory for cannabis testing. Again, the lab testing involves high cost and time. On an average, cannabis testing in laboratories would cost you around hundred dollars per test. And it will take around a week to deliver the test results. Well, for patients struggling with critical diseases, lab testing is not a feasible option.

Home Cannabis testing is a viable option

With the help of THC potency test kits, you can easily determine the potency of cannabis products at your home. You don’t have to search for a laboratory to test your cannabis products anymore. Simply buy the cannabis testing kits online and start testing the drug on your own.

It is very simple and easy to test cannabis at home. Just take a small amount of sample and add it to the testing fluid offered with the kit. Shake the solution properly and wait for the color change. Now, you need to compare the solution color to a chart provided with the cannabis testing kit. The comparison will help you in determining the potency of the cannabis. You can list down the presence of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and others on a piece of paper. Well, the cannabis testing is done, and the report is in your hands.

Testing cannabis products with THC potency test kits is cost-effective as compared to lab testing. According to a statistic report, the cost associated with cannabis testing kit is six times less than the cost involved in lab testing. And this is what makes the home cannabis testing a viable option.

Things to consider before using THC test kits

You don’t need to be an expert to test the cannabis products at your home. The kit is portable and ensures easy use. Below here, some important factors are mentioned, which you need to consider before using the test kits.

  • Read the instruction manual – The THC test kits always come with an instruction manual. If you are testing cannabis for the first-time, it is recommended to read the instruction manual thoroughly. Understand the use of every component provided with the kit. The instruction manual will also help you in understanding the color chart.
  • Always use specified amount of sample for testing – Every test kit has its limitations. You need to use the specified amount of cannabis sample for testing. In case, the sample amount exceeds the limit; the test results may vary from the real one. Here, you might face difficulties in determining the potency of the cannabis product. So, always use sample amount as specified in the manual.
  • Watch some related videos tutorials – You will find many video tutorials and training classes regarding the use of THC test kits online. It is recommended to watch the relevant videos associated with your test kit. This will give you a clear idea about how to use the test kit for determining the potency of cannabis.

Testing cannabis products is now easier and important. Make sure; you are consuming cannabis with potency suitable for your body. For medical purposes, it is recommended to consult with a doctor regarding the dosage of cannabis. And don’t forget to buy a THC potency test kit for testing the cannabis at your home.