Why CBD is Effective in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Consumption Methods of CBD Oil

Erectile dysfunction (ED) mostly affects men over 40. Multiple factors contribute to ED, it could be common health issues like high blood pressure or high cholesterol or less known ones like Atherosclerosis, when blood flow to the penis is disrupted, maintaining an erection for longer becomes hard.

Available medical options

Viagra is the name that comes in mind. Being the number one choice for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it has increased its market share substantially among ED drugs. Problem with viagra and similar drugs is the side-effects they cause. Common side-effects include nasal congestion, headache, flush in the face, itching, baldness, etc.

Because of these side-effects, many many men avoid ED drugs and cope with their problem without any medical recourse. They suffer in silence as they feel hesitant to share their problem with friends and family members.

CBD oil and ED

Both scientific research and anecdotes confirm that CBD oil effectively treats erectile dysfunction. In a previous article titled A Comprehensive Discussion on How Cannabidiol Affects One’s Sex Life, we discussed how CBD products improve sex life. It was an insightful article but missed why CBD is often dubbed as nature’s own viagra.

Understand SIS and SES

CBD clears away blockages that inhibit one’s libido – it was the topic of the previous article. Because the current article is focused only on erectile dysfunction, understand sexual inhibition system (SIS) and sexual excitation system (SES), as these two systems play a massively important role in the treatment of ED.

What is SIS

SIS or sexual inhibition system refers to the stop signal that the brain sends to male genital during an act of sex or when the penis is getting aroused. SIS is a part of the body’s own sexual response system. Repetitive activation of SIS causes a longstanding disinterest in sex, which causes erectile dysfunction.

In teenagers or people under 40, activation of SIS is found to be associated with excessive masturbation and watching porn. But for people over 40, SIS is caused either due to biological reasons or stress.

What is SES

The SES or sexual excitation system is what drives the sexual desire. It’s the exact opposite of SIS. Scientists believe when sexual arousal begins when the brain signals the body’s sexual excitation trigger. Because sexual excitement is a rewarding experience, it brightens up one’s mood and elevates the secretion of chemicals in the brain that reduces anxiety.

When ED occurs

Without going into medical jargons, which we believe will go way over reader’s head, here’s a simple explanation why erectile dysfunction occurs – based on the discussion done above.

ED is the result of an imbalanced sexual response system. People suffering from ED have a much more active SIS and a rather low-performing SES. The imbalance causes them to feel less aroused, they feel inhibition after slight arousal. The imbalance can be caused by both physiological as well as psychological reasons.

How CBD treats ED

CBD oil and other cannabidiol products bring balance into the imbalanced sexual response system. It’s a no-brainer that in order for a man to have a strong erection, sexual excitation system must be triggered while at the same time, sexual inhibition system must be suppressed. This is exactly what CBD does to treat erectile dysfunction.

How CBD suppresses SIS

There are no specific triggers for SIS. From mood swing to distraction, from feeling remorse to stress – anything can trigger the sexual inhibition system. As CBD oil significantly increases mind’s focusing abilities, consumers can focus on sex and hence, feel less distracted. CBD eliminates stress and cures depression, thereby alleviating inhibition.

Put simply, CBD eradicates SIS triggers, causing a renewed interest in sex.

How CBD increases SES

Akin to SIS, SES can have more than one trigger. Visual imageries of scantily clad women, Climate and skin to skin contact are all SES triggers for men. There are two ways CBD increases SES, first, by activating biological associates of sexual arousal and secondly, by removing psychological blockages.

When CBD balms are rubbed all over the penis, blood flow to that area of the body increases and as a result, strong and firm erection is achieved. Taking oral CBD does the same thing; it activates the areas of the brain that signal increased blood flow to the penis.

CBD consumption is linked with the secretion of certain chemicals in the brain that makes one happy. This way, CBD helps one get rid of mental blockages. That being said, one must check the strain before consuming. Not all strains are equally effective in ED treatment.

Understand the balance

When SES triggers are activated, SIS triggers are suppressed and likewise. These triggers work simultaneously, which means if SES triggers are activated, SIS would be automatically subdued. But CBD – as we’ve seen above – does both and that’s why it’s so effective in treating ED.


It’s true that marijuana addicts often report lower sex drive. But that’s only because they are addicts. If marijuana is consumed in moderate quantity, high sex drive and enjoyable sex would be the outcome. CBD products contain apt quantities of marijuana in them, which is why ED patients are becoming increasingly interested in them.