What Makes CBD Oil for Anxiety So Effective

cbd oil anxiety

CBD – obtained from cannabis – is the new holy grail of medical science. Hard to treat diseases, chronic ailments and psychological issues are all cured by CBD.

But despite being so useful, CBD’s use in the United States is restricted. The FDA’s apathy to medical marijuana is no secret. It’s only recently that they approved a drug called Epidiolex for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet Syndrome – two rare forms of epilepsy.

CBD is becoming popular

But despite FDA’s antipathy, CBD is gaining popularity in recent times and that’s good news. Years of medical research and the relevant literature containing their excerpt are all available on the Internet. Access to this kind of information is what is driving peoples’ interest in CBD forcing them to acknowledge the value of cbd oil for anxiety.

CBD and mental health

As stated above, CBD cures several issues related to mental health. But there’s a definite lack of awareness of CBD’s impact on psychological health. Distributors who sell CBD oil illustrates how it kills off cancer cells and alleviates chronic pain. But they rarely mention how it improves one’s mental health.

Medical practitioners sometimes offhandedly recommend medical marijuana to patients suffering from excruciating pain. But rarely prescribe CBD oil for anxiety. Research – both contemporary and old – indicate CBD oil can be a great stress reliever. Stress and anxiety are connected. Repressed stress transforms into anxiety. Stress reduction can lower anxiety level.

How CBD helps lower anxiety? Read on to find out.

CBD and brain chemistry

CBD affects the brain. Along with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD binds with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and certain neurotransmitters are signaled across several synapses. Putting technicalities aside, CBD brings a change in your attitude and behavior. A person who is otherwise impatient and restless becomes patient, focused and calm after consuming CBD.

CBD’s neurochemical effects minimize anxiety. It accelerates the secretion of certain neurochemicals in brain that are responsible for making us euphoric. Secretion of these chemicals uplifts mood and as a result depression and blues vanish. 9 out of 10 times, depression and untreated, repressed trauma are the causes behind anxiety. Mood upliftment lessens the trauma and anxiety disappears.

CBD and social anxiety

Social anxiety is real. Many people across the world, mainly from industrialized and developed countries are suffering from this type of anxiety. There are many high-flown words used by psychologists to describe these people and their condition but social anxiety, in essence, boils down to not being able to communicate with unknown people in social settings.

Social anxiety doesn’t affect everyone. It is a behavioral anomaly found typically in people who grew up in a protected environment or was abused during their pre-adolescent years. Unaddressed childhood trauma can also turn into social anxiety.

How CBD treats social anxiety? Those suffering from social anxiety report that they feel inhibited when socializing. CBD makes them less-inhibited. It’s one of the reasons athletes are so fond of CBD products. A professional soccer player called Lucas Fisher remarked “It (CBD) opened the field up into readable patterns, and instead of bull-rushing midfielders and running over strikers, I was passing the ball off without contact. I was playing clean soccer.”

After taking CBD people with social anxiety disorder feel more confident, they reported that they can drop the inhibition that hold them back and freely interact with other people.

THC and anxiety

Almost all CBD products have THC in them. The percentage of THC may vary. If the strain used for making the product was an indica heavy strain, THC’s amount would be quite high. Alternatively, if it was a sativa heavy strain, CBD’s volume in the final product would far outweigh THC.

Consuming THC dominant CBD products can quickly diminish anxiety. THC is responsible for triggering the euphoric feel that’s quintessential to smoking pot. THC also numbs the senses of evaluation and judgment, sometimes resulting in total lack of inhibition. Some people reported their anxiety completely evaporated after they consumed THC heavy CBD oil. So apparently, CBD oil for anxiety is very effective, regardless of strain.

However, there’s a dark side to THC-induced anxiety cure. THC lowers blood pressure and the heart can subsequently increase. The increased heart rate may trigger anxiety in some people. In marijuana speak, it is called a bad trip. The reason edible CBD oil for anxiety is recommended is that it has only trace amount of THC in it.

Use CBD oil

Don’t wait for doctor’s prescription. If you are suffering from anxiety, use edible CBD oil. It will help. The only thing you need to check is whether the seller runs a legal business. Or else, you could find yourself in legal trouble.