What Kind of Care Is Necessary to Grow K2 Marijuana Plants

Grow K2 Marijuana Plants

K2 is regarded as a premium-grade cannabis by most connoisseurs or experts. It gives out an enjoyable sativa feel at the start, and leads to a more Indica-like feel at the end. It is an awesome afternoon smoke, which is the time of the day when aches and pains generally start getting to you. However, be cautious if you are going for a high dose, because it can dominate you.

K2 is a combination of the OG Kush and Sweet Tooth strains. It has a blue candy smell, with hints of the fresh breeze taste of orange and strawberries. When the bag is opened for grinding, the room gets filled with a sharp and strong smell of honey, spices, and sweet curry.  K2 marijuana strains by ILGM are perfect for new weed breeders, as they provide only the premium quality seeds.

How to grow K2 cannabis plant indoors on shelves?

Shelf gardening with lamp lights is the future trend for growing cannabis because the materials are easily accessible and inexpensive and you need less space indoors. Shelf gardening means you will need to grow the weeds that are short at maturity. Lesser light will be sufficient if the K2 is short because it is forced to mature early. Lamps must be kept within two inches on top of the K2 plant. Make sure that the shelf is saturated with sufficient light.

Cloning, germination, and initial seedling must be allowed by using fluorescent lamps on the shelf top. You will then need to switch over to HPS [High Pressure Sodium in the main closet area for enhancing their leaves and flowers. The shelf needs white bright paint or aluminum foil covering in order to reflect the light back to the plant.

The K2 plant comprises of 2 growth cycle. During germination, it enters a vegetative state. During this period, you will need to give it a consistent lamp light from the top shelf. It induces a constant photosynthesis process, which is why the plants will grow faster than growing them outdoors. As they mature, place the pot in the main closet area for the flowering stage.


Make sure that the flowering cycle is kept very dark because light interruptions can stall flowering for days or weeks. Put the lamp on a timer so that a strict and regular dark period gets created.

Provide P cannabis food to the K2 plant during the flowering mode. Use tight black vinyl curtains and Velcro the sides to ensure that no light leaks inside. With each watering schedule, provide the plants with necessary nutrients.


Pruning the lower limbs of K2 plants in the indoor system helps to create better air flow and the cuttings can also be used for cloning. Pruning allows the top limbs to get the most light, thus the yields get maximized.

Harvesting & Drying

When flowers are ripe, it is time to harvest the bounty. How can you identify the ripe flowers?  You will know that they are ripe for picking when the white pistils start to turn brown or orange. They also begin to withdraw back in the false seed shells. Seed pods swell with resins and ripe buds with golden and red hair.

Harvest time is crucial, because it controls the high that the cannabis can give. An early harvest with a few pistils changing their colors will yield buds that have more pure THC level and less psychoactive substances like CBD and CBN. Pure THC weed gives you the mind rush, while the less psychoactive weed offers a hazy buzz.

If the buds are harvested later, after the flowers are fully ripe, they will have high level of THC, CBD, and CBN. Thus, buds harvested at different times create different and varied effects. Also, the fully ripe buds weigh more. If you plan to sell them, a good strategy is to take some buds early and allow the rest to mature fully.

Never cure the weeds in the sun. Always do that in a ventilated space by hanging them upside down. Dry them until stems are brittle and store them in sealed containers. You will need to blow air and shake the container daily for a couple of weeks.