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Various Consumption Methods of CBD Oil



consume cdb oil

Recreational marijuana is oft associated with rolled up cigarettes and water pipes. In rare cases, chewing. These are among the handful of ways marijuana is consumed. But CBD, a medically useful compound found in cannabis, is taken in several ways.

Consumption depends on strain 

The strain is among the things on which the consumption method depends. The two major strains are hemp-derived and marijuana-derived. Hemp has a higher concentration of CBD in it than THC; a low dose of hemp-derived CBD oil, therefore, is enough for a normal user.


The correct consumption technique is one that doesn’t send too much of it into the body.

Doctor’s recommendation 

If CBD is prescribed by a medical practitioner, consumers must not cross the recommended dose. Because it’s hard to quantify the amount if one smokes or uses a water pipe, doctors normally prescribe CBD in the form of tinctures or edibles.

Edible oil 

Decarboxylation is a process by which carboxyl group is removed from CBD oil. Unrefined CBD oil is full of carboxyl group, which renders the unprocessed oil unsuited for human consumption.

We won’t go into the process of refining raw CBD oil as it is not relevant here. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of edible CBD oil:

The antioxidants fight with neurodegenerative disorders. Seizure and convulsion are two common health hazards that keep neurological patients worried. With edible CBD oil they can bottle up their worries as its antioxidant properties can fix psychological and neurological impairment.

Edible CBD oil is preferred by cancer patients. Consumption technique is fairly simple. Consume it orally or mix it with food. Spraying also counts, but it’s a bit rare as not many spraying devices are available in the market.

CBD as tinctures

Tinctures are sometimes preferred over other variants of CBD. But tinctures, unlike oil, have a low concentration of CBD. It’s easy to prepare CBD tinctures at home. You need cannabis extract and alcohol or glycerol. Mix them and the tincture will be ready.

Use a dropper to collect very small quantity of the tincture oil and then discharge it under your tongue. Daily recommended intake limit is ¼ gram for cancer patients and droppers are ideal to consume this quantity.

The benefit of using CBD tincture is you can use it all through the day and in public spaces. The rule of thumb is never to take two doses on a row. An overdose could make you untidy and unable to interact in a social setting or you might see no effect at all.

Vaping CBD oil 

Vaping is a popular way to consume CBD products. Vaping is safer than smoking as you would be inhaling the vaporized version of the oil, less hazardous than smoke laden with toxic chemicals. But it is less effective when compared to oral consumption.

In spite of that, vaping is the number one choice of many as it makes one feel a little high. It also makes one stoic. The biggest advantage of vaping is you get to decide the exact dose.

A typical vape pen gives out after 150+ puffs. Its life duration is a minimum of four days and a maximum of three weeks. Of course, how often you are vaping counts.

CBD topicals 

This way of consumption is for people with aching body parts. When CBD oil is used by them as topical, it is rubbed over the affected areas. It is reported to offer a miraculous recovery from muscle and joint pain.

Similar to tinctures, CBD topicals can be prepared at home. This is one of the reasons these are so popular. Another reason that contributes to their growing popularity is pain relief medicines are mostly full of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, regular consumption of which can be fatal for the body.

Because topicals are made of organic elements, the risk of health-related complications are little to none. The biggest advantage of using topicals is regardless of the THC concentration, the possibility of getting any psychoactive effect afterwards the balm is applied over the body is non-existent.

CBD capsules 

CBD is available in capsules. This form of consumption is safe and convenient, but those who forget to take their pills, may find it hard to keep a tab on their daily intake. Better, they take the capsules with protein or vitamin supplements, or with probiotic.

Problem starts when your recommended daily dose is less than 10mg as the capsules have 10 – 25 mg of CBD in them. Breaking a capsule into two won’t help as you won’t be able to decide the precise amount this way.


Some let their creativity run and find new ways of consume CBD oil, or they customize said consumption methods. You can do that too, if that helps in getting rid of the unwanted psychoactivity and making the solution more effective.


Everything You Need to Know about CBD Topicals and Salves



Everything You Need to Know about CBD Topicals and Salves

This article will address a question that strikes many CBD consumers. Is topicals and salves better than edibles?

Let’s understand how CBD topicals work.

Alternative to lotion?

 Yes. Topicals are a great alternative to body lotions. Topicals have CBD in them which OTC balms, sold in the market, don’t have. But CBD topicals have a tiny market share, compared to what body lotions laden with synthetic chemicals hold.

However, people have started to understand the importance of herbal elements. Some have even developed a penchant for everything herbal. Probably that’s why, the demands for topicals is slowly on the rise. The cannabis market is projected to grow a whopping 700% by the year 2020. And hopefully topicals will occupy a decent share of this growing market.

Benefits of CBD topicals

 Let’s get down to business. Why are topicals becoming so popular lately? And what are their benefits?

Topicals mean smoke-free CBD consumption. It can be consumed in several ways. We have discussed several consumption methods here, on this website. Methods such as lighting up a joint, using water pipe and vaping involve a lot of smoke. Vaping is considered safer than smoking. But it’s not smoke-free. Topicals are a far safer way to consume CBD.

Topicals are normally rubbed over the skin, especially over affected areas. What this means is there’s zero chance of the consumer getting high. People usually don’t report feeling high due to CBD consumption. But even then, there’s always a small chance of insobriety when CBD is vaporized or smoked. But with topicals, zilch!

You can prepare it

This, in my opinion, is the biggest benefit of CBD topicals. Various products are available in the market already. If these products don’t suit your budget or if you doubt their quality, feel free to produce CBD topical oil all by yourself.

The method of preparation

 Here’s the process explained in details:

First, get yourself the following ingredients:

  • One cup of organic oil.
  • 15 grams of organic hemp/cannabis derived CBD buds.

Using a mixer grinder, pestle the buds and then put them into a jar filled with organic oil. Then seal the jar by putting the cover on the top. Next, place the jar inside a pot and fill up to 3-inches of the pot from the bottom with water.

At a temperature of 95°C-100°C, simmer the jar slowly. It will take some time, roughly 2-3 hours for it to get ready. If you want the molecules of the oil to be less condense, simmer it for 4 days on a row. But keep a gap of 2 hours between each act of stewing.

After 4 days, the topical oil will be usable.

Prepare CBD salves

Topicals and salves are often used in the same sense. The two, however, are different. Topicals are more like ointments. Salves are like creams. Preparing salves is slightly different from preparing topicals. Instead of simmering, you have to stir-fry a blend of herbal oil and ½ ounce of cannabis oil for 2-3 hours.

Pain relief

CBD topicals provide excellent relief from chronic pain. Diseases accompanied by chronic pain are related to bones, spine, nerve, shoulders, muscles and sometimes cells. Degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulders, sickle cell disease are among the medical conditions that seriously diminish a person’s quality of life.

To make it worse, people suffering from these health issues often report that conventional medicines are not providing them any relief. CBD is a natural pain relief. When CBD topicals are gently rubbed all over the painful areas, consumers feel magical relief. People suffering from chronically painful conditions are strongly recommended to use CBD topicals.

Supplement for massage

CBD topicals can be a great resource for masseurs for its pain relief properties. Therapeutic massage is getting popular all around the world. Masseurs look for new ways to personify the service they offer to customers.

They can use CBD salves and/or topicals as a supplement and charge their customers extra. It will pad their pocket and offer customers a relaxed experience and a quick relief from pain and fatigue.

Skin disorders

CBD topicals and salves can open a new dimension for skin disorder treatment. Some autoimmune diseases affect the patient’s skin. Painful lesions – often pus filled – start to form on their skins.

Currently, treatment option for such disorders is limited. Doctors prescribe oral steroidal drugs, which harms the body’s normal functioning. CBD topicals and salves, because they are organic and non-steroidal, can give relief without side-effect.

Normal people can also use CBD topicals to take a good care of their skin. Regular use of salves and topical keep the skin glowing, smooth and healthy.

Summing up

We started with a question. Are topicals better than edibles? The answer in the end is, these are not comparable. Oral CBD solutions have different usage than topicals.

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