Ultimate Ways To Use High-CBD Strains For Anxiety Relief

Ultimate Ways To Use High-CBD Strains For Anxiety Relief

Many people have a misconception about Cannabis. Some even consider it harmful without realizing that it comes with many nerve soothing benefits.

From the beginning of human civilization, cannabis was used for medicinal purposes, like anxiety. Even today, various components of Cannabis are used by pharmaceutical companies to make medicines. Apart from medicinal uses, Cannabis is highly used by people to ease mental trauma, depression and anxiety. However, not all types of Cannabis are created in the same way. Thus, one must choose cautiously before consuming.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabid sativa plant, which is commonly known as Marijuana. It is one of the ancient herbs ever found on earth. Since its discovery, it has been used for relaxation and pain relief. There are other such kinds of cannabis like delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in which the major compound in marijuana, unlike CBD.

The fact about CBD is that it treats the cause without getting you high. It is because CBD is made from a non-psychoactive portion of the plant. It means a person might not be high or go in the euphoria stage just by consuming it. However, getting high varies from person to person. Some might be going into the euphoria stage even after a tiny doze and vice versa. Thus, people use CBD strains for anxiety and nerve relief.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD is highly used for pain management. However, many still argue on this part if CBD should be preferred over other substitute pain killers. There are two types of pain, muscular and nerve and based on the type of pain the dose can vary. In certain cases, a person might have to take both CBD and THC due to the tolerance level differences. Researchers says that CBD is always safe to try for pain management when taken under prescription.

How CBD is beneficial for Anxiety management?

When it comes to easing anxiety, CBD could be an instant help. The chemical components in CBD help in calming the nerves and making one’s mind relax. As a result, the mood shifts on the calmer side and the body relax as mind.

However, in the cannabis family, it is THC which is associated with anxiety and paranoia, experienced by some people.

Doctors say we should not rely on CBD strains for anxiety treatment. However, a consciously measured amount of CBD combined with THC could help with certain symptoms of anxiety. If you are looking for CBD strains for anxiety? it is suggested to consume mellowed versions.

Few of which are listed below.

Types of CBD strains for Anxiety

  • Charlotte’s Web

It is among the most used high-CBD strain for anxiety treatment. It is broadly used across various medical purposes such as pain relief, depression, stress etc. It contains approx. 13 percent CBD strains with no THC. Thus, no psychoactive effects.

  • ABCD

This is for people who intend to relieve stress and anxiety without getting high or stoned. This combination has 14 percent CBD strains with no such amount of THC.

  • Remedy

It is another compound of CBD strain for anxiety. It helps in stress relief without the intense effect on the head and the body. It comprises of 14 percent CBD strains, which causes very mild to no psychoactive effects. Users say that it’s got a lime-pine aroma to it.

  • Lifter

Lifter is said to be new in the market of cannabis. It comprises of 16 percent CBD strains with no THC. Thus, no intense feeling or heavy headedness.

  • Cherry Wine

As the name almost suggests, this strain has a cheese and wine aroma to it. It counts to 17 percent of CBD and less than 1 percent THC. Users reviewed it as a stress reliever without the mind-altering effects.

  • Sour Tsunami

This strain is known to be the oldest and all-time favorite for users. It contains CBD: THC ratio of 13:1 or lower THC. It provides relaxation without heavy headedness.

The above listed are CBD strains for anxiety with least to no combined THC. These are among the top players in the CBD market and are highly preferred by the users. People who intend to relax their mind and body will be greatly benefited by these CBD strains without CBD.

Safety Measures

Most of the high-CBD strains contain some amount of THC, even if it is about a pinch amount. Here the challenge is to predict how and which CBD strains will affect someone. Thus, it is always preferred to be little cautious especially, when you are trying it for the first time.

-If you have no prior experience with CBD, we suggest you go slow and start with CBD strains which have no to very little THC

-Next thing we suggest is the product you use. Anything burnt is not good and so, we suggest you go with nonsmoking products like CBD oils or CBD Gummies. Cannabis smoke can be contagious as tobacco.

-Even if prefer to smoke, we suggest you not to take deep inhalation to avoid the harmful byproducts of the smoke.

-Teens and newbies are suggested to avoid driving and stay indoors at least 6 hours after use. It is because the inexperienced might feel be affected and feel dizzy.

-Pregnant and breastfeeding women should strictly avoid using cannabis for post-pregnancy stress

Not to mention, every state and country has different regulations on the levels of CBD and THC in CBD strains for anxiety. Therefore, assure beforehand while purchasing and travelling with cannabis in your current location.