Things People Forget About CBD

Forget About CBD

In this world of mass information and articles churned out each day on CBD benefits, the legal status of CBD and CBD dosage the body of knowledge on CBD can become homogenised. This means certain crucial points can be ignored or left to slumber at the bottom of blog pages. In this article however we look to make clear three things people can forget about CBD.

#1 Hemp and CBD haven’t just been used as food supplements

The history of Hemp and CBD use stretches back centuries. There is in fact an old Italian cooking book called “De Honesta et Voluptate” written in 1475 where there’s an ancient recipe for a Hemp based CBD concoction for good health. Similarly the first settlers in America brought Hemp seeds with them for the purposes of growing crops as food ingredients. Going back even further, ancient cultures openly used Hemp for health supplementation as the Chinese emperor Shen-Nung used homemade topical Hemp balms for anti-inflammatory purposes.

However what some CBD enthusiasts can overlook is that Hemp and CBD have been used for more than just health purposes. In fact the old British navy used Hemp fibres to strengthen their sails, the shivs of Hemp leaves have been used for horse bedding for much time. Moreover Hemp has been a useful way to decrease our carbon footprint as less Hemp is needed to create writing paper. Hemp paper requires less land clearing and deforestation compared to standard paper that requires whole trees for its creation.

Therefore the uses of Hemp transcend that of just supplementation. The worldwide appreciation of Hemp can be reignited by making clear often ignored uses of Hemp.

#2 CBD can be infused with other ingredients

In the general CBD marketplace we usually see Full Spectrum CBD as the main selling point driving the industry. But usually Hemp itself and its related cannabinoids have been used in compiled food stuffs and complex recipes before the meteoric rise of CBD in the 21st century.

Regarding food supplements though CBD can be infused in beverages like teas, coffees and cocktails. More impressively though, CBD can be mixed with other healthy supplements to create a dual combination supplement. For instance CBD can be mixed with Turmeric so that the benefits of Curucmin, the active ingredient in Turmeric and CBD can be realised together in each dose. This saves the customer money and gives them an added benefit. On top of this some Bioperine or black pepper extract can be put in the ingredients to uphold the bio absorption of this innovative supplement.

Whether such supplements hit the scene is to be uncovered as time goes on. But All Round CBD is one company already supplying Turmeric infused CBD to the masses right now.

Furthermore CBD could potentially be mixed with any other supplement due to its efficacy and chemical makeup. CBD won’t bind to other supplements like vitamin C, D or A that can all be introduced in liquid form.

Therefore if the market takes note of the versatility of CBD as an added bonus to other supplements people can be reminded of how CBD can compliment their chosen more popular supplements.

#3 CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid in Hemp

Time and time again we are told by companies that they sell Full Spectrum CBD. But what exactly does this mean? This means that the Hemp Oil for sale contains all the cannabinoids derived from the whole Hemp plant. Collectively these are: CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBC and THC. However we don’t usually see explanations of these therefore allowing people to forget their existence and just focus on CBD as the main catalyst in supporting their health.

But that of course isn’t true as all these cannabinoids are needed in conjunction with CBD in order to create the Entourage Effect whereby all the cannabinoids urge each other to bind to cannabinoid receptors in your body. This is useful as it allows the body to better maintain its normal functioning. As a result it’s clear that all these cannabinoids are interrelated and just as relevant as each other.

However CBG for example is much harder and expensive to extract from Hemp and there are stringent laws with THC content in Hemp Oil. Just 0.3% THC is allowed in US Hemp Oils (0.2% in the UK). Therefore you will rarely see dedicated CBG supplements on the market or THC rich supplements, instead CBD focussed supplements permeate the marketplace.

Hopefully by throwing light on the other cannabinoids people can be reminded of the beauty of Hemp Oil and all its components.

#4 CBD doesn’t work right away

One misconception is that CBD will work right away and like so called snake oil will act as a cure all for all issues. However CBD is to be taken in incremental doses day by day till you can move up to higher strengths. One way to assure you take CBD in the right manner and don’t exceed more than 200mg per day is to look at the backs of CBD products to see how many mg of CBD you will get with each serving.

Further on in your CBD journey you will realise that CBD works best when taken over time and that its benefits are long term. It doesn’t work right away and has no mind altering or physical effects when you ingest it. Instead it will work as a continuous intake of natural ingredients in a world which is dependent on fast food and additives. Moreover it is not a “cure all” or magical remedy for all bodily issues as some may like you to think. CBD is more like a choice, a choice to do the right thing by giving your body what it needs and has been benefiting from for centuries.

In conclusion

By making sure people don’t forget that Hemp has other uses apart from supplementation, that CBD infusions do exist, that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid giving benefits and correct information on CBD dosage, the worldwide view on Hemp and CBD can be more accurate, therefore more potent.