Six Ways To Mask The Flavour Of CBD Oil

Flavour Of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has many benefits: it’s healthy, organic, safe, and useful. On top of that, this compound can help with body ailments, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. Even with the various advantages it offers, a lot of individuals can’t get past the weird taste of CBD oil as it’s usually taken sublingually under the tongue.

CBD oil is often made by mixing hemp-extracted cannabidiol with inert oil. Besides cannabinoids, this method also removes numerous terpenes and flavonoids, which are extremely healthy and smell good yet don’t always have a pleasant taste. Therefore, if you find the taste of CBD oil extracts unpleasant, earthy, or grassy, you aren’t alone.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with the help of several simple tricks. Let’s draw attention to six possible ways you can start to enjoy your CBD treatment and improve the distinctive taste of CBD oil without affecting its quality.

Brush Your Teeth Beforehand

If your daily schedule suggests taking CBD oil in the morning or before sleep, try brushing your teeth in advance. Since minty flavours will cover the earthy taste of the oil, you can diminish the repulsive aftertaste on your tongue.

The fresh and robust flavour of toothpaste can stay for hours even after eating meals. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, brushing your teeth with minty toothpaste before intake is a guaranteed option to dominate over CBD oil’s natural taste.

What’s more, brushing your teeth can help to clean mouth and absorb less oil. If you haven’t brushed your teeth, the consumed CBD oil can adhere to the thin film that coats your mouth. As a result, every time you breathe or swallow, the taste of hemp will return to you. Brushing your teeth right after CBD use might help, but the best way to experience pleasant CBD intake is to take an outrunning approach.

Use Mints

Chew a mint as you consume the oil or right after intake. This process can assist in diluting the CBD oil taste as mint kills all unpleasant flavours.  Mint makes your breath feeling cold and minty, leaving a more refreshing feeling on your palette due to menthol chemical containing in mint.

The cold taste after eating mints is caused by menthol that binds with the skin’s cold-sensitive receptors. It tricks the brain into thinking the applied area is cold, which provides you with a cold sensation.

Options can include traditional mint or products like Tic-Tacs and mint-flavoured chewing gum in case you aren’t at home. You can use these products after you take the tincture or tuck the mint under your tongue while you are consuming the CBD oil.

Breathe Through Your Nose

Many studies have shown that holding your nose can prevent your ability to smell things at all as the blocked nose can also inhibit your tastebuds. In contrast to the nouse, the tongue has thousands of taste receptors and can sense bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and other flavours.

Changing the direction from which the air goes into the body is both an easy and effective trick to experience less taste and aroma. While this method won’t eliminate CBD oil’s flavour entirely, it might help you to cope with taste better and reduce its intensity.

Next time you would like to avoid the bitter taste of CBD oil, close your mouth tightly and use your nose to breathe. If this system doesn’t cut the taste away for you, try holding your nose to block the taste briefly. Keep it pressed until you have placed the oil under your tongue and hold it as required.

Have A Snack Handy

One of the most popular and easiest ways to get rid of the CBD taste is by using food. Grab your favourite snacks or food that you like and keep it close by. You can use chocolate, sweets, gummies, candies, or any food you like. Once the required time of keeping CBD oil under the tongue is up, you may eat the food to change the aftertaste with something better.

Instead of attacking your taste buds with the CBD flavour alone, add something sweet under your tongue to improve the taste. A small square of chocolate or a spoonful of honey can be the perfect food to take your mind off the CBD oil extract. Put a couple of drops of honey under your tongue before adding the CBD oil to eliminate the chances of CBD interaction with your taste buds.

Alternatively, you can blend a few drops of honey with your CBD oil. While taking CBD oil sublingually is one of the most efficient methods that provide high bioavailability, you can add CBD oil to your favourite snacks like raw honey. This method helps to mask the earthy taste of CBD but provide positive effects at a slower pace. The sweet and intense taste of honey can help to satisfy your taste buds while still allowing you to experience the benefits of CBD.

Mix Your CBD Into A Drink

Consider adding a few drops of the CBD tincture into your favourite drinks to conceal CBD taste. CBD oil goes well with coffee, tea, smoothie, cocoa, and other beverages. Morning beverage with CBD also ensures you get daily dose early to avoid the possibility of forgetting about CBD intake throughout a day.

Furthermore, you can just keep your drink nearby to wash away the taste after you are done taking the oil. Take a sip of any beverage of your choice to dispel the flavour and start looking forward for your next CBD dosage.

Add CBD Oil To Food

A good idea to incorporate CBD into your meals as a topping or additional component in recipes. Add benefits into a nutrition system by cooking meals, salads, and desserts with CBD oil to provide your body with potent and beneficial ingredients you need.

Drip 1-2 drops of CBD oil to spice up your menu and add wellness advantages into a nutrition system. Such CBD intake is a quick and straightforward way to consume the needed CBD dose and enjoy mealtime while regulating sleep quality, increasing energy levels, and reducing anxiety, pain, and stress.

However, adding CBD to your beverages and meals might be not the best option if you are looking for high bioavailability and fast relief from your disorders. This method is effective in improving CBD intake, but absorption time can increase due to prolonged digestion of an organism.