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CBD Oil for dog

CBD Oil: Is It Right For Your Dog?

One of the fastest growing health trends for pets is CBD oil, a non-psychoactive natural supplement that is safe for dogs. You may be wondering, is this new trend just hype or is there real research to back up the fervor? It’s a great question, and...

5 CBD Myths that Need to be Debunked at the Earliest

CBD has opened a new era in treatment. Never before such a powerful herbal alternative to conventional medicine, effective against a broad spectrum of diseases and health conditions have been found. The medical community’s growing acceptance of CBD...

Morgan freeman medical marijuana

4 Celebrities Who have Used and Endorsed CBD

We live in a culture where the first impression is the only impression. Forget living up to the hype, not creating a hype could spell doomsday for a product’s shelf-life. So there’s little surprise that celebs are always called in whenever a product...