Incorporating CBD Oil Into Your Exercise Routine


As cannabidiol, or CBD, becomes more widely available for purchase in various forms across the United States, more Americans are evaluating the products’ uses for themselves. Once they realize CBD can help them with a host of health and wellness needs, more individuals are incorporating CBD oil into their daily routines.

What Is CBD Oil?

Despite the compounds originating from cannabis, also known as the marijuana plant, CBD and cannabinoid THC are not the same thing. Whereas THC is the chemical ingredient found in marijuana that produces a euphoric high, CBD contains no THC. Therefore, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects in individuals who consume or apply it, and CBD is not addictive. Instead, individuals who use CBD oil are reporting some beneficial health and wellness effects.

One in three Americans report using CBD oil. Because CBD is available in numerous formulations, such as teas, cookies, lip balms, and lotions, the variety helps people of all ages and fitness levels take advantage of the compound’s therapeutic, anti-inflammatory properties. Sixty-four percent of people who use CBD in their wellness routines do so to relieve discomfort and inflammation, including post-workout soreness and even chronic neuropathic pain associated with diabetes.

Why Use CBD Oil?

  • CBD oil supports muscle recovery. Using CBD oil is a natural and gentle method of addressing sore muscles and aches by supporting a healthy inflammatory response.
  • CBD oil boosts healthy joint mobility. CBD oil targets the cells that drive inflammation, reducing arthritis and osteoarthritis discomfort in hands, knees, and other joints.
  • CBD oil increases sharper mental focus. Adding CBD oil to your routine may help with concentration through its unique interaction with your brain’s dopamine receptors.
  • CBD oil leads to better sleep. Incorporating CBD oil in your nighttime routine may support GABA levels in the brain by slowing down hyperactivity.
  • CBD oil helps you feel energized. CBD supports the human body’s biological network, known as the endocannabinoid system, which maintains balance of vital brain and body functions, including energy metabolism.
  • CBD oil helps manage aches. CBD oil increases the functioning of the immune system and nervous system to better manage aches, including the chronic discomfort of neuropathy (nerve pain) that is associated with diabetes.
  • CBD oil helps enhance mental health. Incorporating CBD oil has been shown to treat and reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), nervousness, and cases of depression.
  • CBD oil helps enhance and even skin tone. CBD contains numerous antioxidants that help manage inflammation by fighting free radicals, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and reducing redness.
  • CBD oil helps support clear skin. CBD helps to fight acne breakouts.
  • CBD oil helps ease discomfort. CBD oil assists people who suffer from ongoing issues with chronic aches, helping them cope better and enabling them to resume their daily activities.

Ways To Use CBD Oil

CBD is available in numerous convenient products and compositions to suit various preferences and needs.

  • CBD oil is placed under the tongue using a dropper and is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • CBD-infused balms, lotions, and creams are applied topically, to benefit the skin, nails, and hair, and help relieve discomfort. Many people apply CBD-infused muscle balms during the post-workout sessions of their fitness routines.
  • CBD-infused edibles are available as chocolates, cookies, and gummies. They are portable and fit easily in a purse, gym bag, or locker.
  • CBD-infused, caffeine-free tea is made using fresh hemp flower. It is typically enjoyed hot, before bedtime, to ease sleeplessness.

As more Americans are turning to nature-made remedies to help restore their bodies to conditions that are as healthful as possible, one of those therapies is CBD oil. Learn more from the accompanying resource.

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