How to Stay Healthy With Cannabis During the Flu Season?

Stay Healthy With Cannabis

Anyone who has experienced the flu and common cold knows how difficult it is to deal with its symptoms. A stuffy nose, tiredness, sore throat, body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, and cough.  This is everything the flu offers. Although there are several medications and treatment plans to treat seasonal flu, cannabis is touted for the relief from flu symptoms. And many people put their trust in medical cannabis. However, the question of cannabis effectiveness still requires extensive research. There is no specific research looking into the use of cannabis for the flu. But there are a few that show how cannabis can help alleviate the symptoms of the flu. And if you are keen on using cannabis for your flu this season make sure you use it responsibly.

Research On Cannabis For Flu

Ideally, most research suggests that THC and CBD – two major components of the cannabis plant have therapeutic benefits. These and a hundred other compounds of the cannabis plant successfully interact with the human endocannabinoid system to cause a change in the body. As the endocannabinoid system regulates functions of the body, the interaction of the phytocannabinoids with natural cannabinoids (CB1, CB2) leads to proven therapeutic benefits. In fact, a few studies suggest that cannabis has antiviral and antibacterial properties.

A 2007 review on the health benefits of cannabis cannabinoids revealed that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties. And inflammation plays a major role in the number of flu symptoms. Particularly sore throat, fever, and swelling in the nasal passage. Not only this but the same review also suggested that cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain. It can cause relief from the temporary pain associated with the flu. For instance, body aches and pain in the muscles.

Another review on the association between cannabis and sleep indicated that tetrahydrocannabinol or THC may help patients sleep. THC directly interacts with CB1 receptors in the brain and causes the body to feel relaxed. This means that patients who cannot sleep due to the symptoms of the flu, cannabis can come to their rescue and help them sleep soundly.

Other research studies have suggested that medical marijuana may possess antipyretic properties. In other words, cannabis may have fever-reducing properties due to its ability to repress the immune system. However, mainstream doctors believe that marijuana’s fever-reducing abilities could interfere with the immune system’s ability to fight bacterial and viral infections.

These contradictions are the reason why we require extensive research on the subject of cannabis. So far all the studies are in-vitro and no human studies exist.

Cannabis During The Flu Season?

So far we have seen how medical marijuana can prove effective in the treatment of the flu. Let’s delve a little further and indulge in ways to stay healthy with cannabis during the flu season.

CBD May Help Reduce Inflammation

Many patients over the years have put their faith in cannabis. It can treat not just inflammation but also improve quality of life. The medical marijuana industry offers products that are made of both THC and CBD. However, CBD is non-psychoactive, perhaps the reason why it is used by most patients to alleviate the symptoms of certain medical conditions.

CBD can be administered to patients suffering from the flu. However, the dose should be taken under medical supervision. Although, you also have to keep in mind that smoking CBD during flu-fever is not a wise choice. In fact, you can opt for other consumption methods such as edibles and beverages. There is also another way to ingest CBD. For instance, you can find hemp-derived drinks in cannabis stores, tinctures, oils, and even sublingual. All these consumption forms can help you alleviate the symptoms of flu without producing a head high.

CBG Is Medically Valuable

So far you have only read about the benefits of CBD and THC for medical marijuana patients. However, this little-known cannabis compound can do wonders for you. CBG also, known as cannabigerol has both antifungal and antibacterial properties. The reason why medical marijuana companies have started breeding and extracting CBG to produce high-quality cannabis medical products for the use of adults.

According to a study, CBG may provide relief from headaches, bladder dysfunction, and intestinal pain. The same study also shows CBG as an appetite- inducer. It can help calm the body’s pain without creating a high. Which is usually created by THC infused marijuana products. So, CBG may help improve the symptoms associated with flu. And it is a new cannabinoid that can help you fight bacteria and viruses causing the flu.

THC Can Help With Pain And Sleep

Flu can cause the body to feel out of place. From congested chest to high fever, stuffy nose, and the most painful body aches. Everything during the flu seems dreary. But, THC can come to your rescue and help in pain management. And the good news is, you can purchase THC based powders and tinctures from medical marijuana dispensaries or even order them online. All you have to do is mix the powder with an edible or beverage. Say you love tea, you can mix the powder in your tea and drink that tea before going to bed. The effects of THC are psychoactive. This means that you will feel relaxed, and more motivated to sleep. These effects of THC will help you sleep soundly which even cough syrups fail to provide.

Also take note of THC, CBD, and CBD use. All cannabis compounds should be administered under medical supervision. For the same, you can get in touch with a medical marijuana doctor. Or you can use telehealth to consult a doctor. The doctor after studying your medical record and assessing your medical condition will provide you with a recommendation. You can use the same recommendation or a medical marijuana card to get the desired cannabis product. For instance, medical marijuana is legal in Los Angeles. This means that you have to get your recommendation from medical doctors in Los Angeles. The same process applies to patients who live in legal states. So, consume cannabis for the flu, but make sure to consult a doctor first.

How To Use Cannabis For The Flu?

The mainstream doctors advise most patients to not smoke cannabis while they have flu fever. After all, smoke can end up irritating your mucous membrane, which already suffers a great deal when the flu strikes. In fact, even vaping is not a great consumption method during seasonal flu. It will also end up causing congestion and irritation in the respiratory tracts. This, in turn, will increase cough and cause sore throat.

As discussed earlier, of course, there are other forms of cannabis consumption. Particularly for patients who suffer from severe symptoms of the flu. You can opt for CBD oils and tinctures and avail the advantages of cannabis products. In fact, this way you will be able to benefit from the advantages of cannabis without seeing any side effects.

If you are confused about the method of consumption. Just go for the traditional tea your mother gave you when you had a cough or cold. The only difference this time would be that you can infuse marijuana in the hot beverage. Consume the tea hot and take rest afterward. You will definitely witness the difference after resting in complete peace.

Another form of consumption includes tinctures and oils. Patients all over America use oils and tinctures to treat a wide array of medical conditions. Also, both tinctures and oils are derived from cannabis extracts. They are intended for oral use and using these cannabis products is very easy. You have to drop the liquid under your tongue in order to receive immediate relief. Make sure you let the drops absorb. Wait for at least one minute and then swallow the oil or tincture.

If you are wondering why do you have to place the drops below your tongue. Well, scientifically speaking the membrane beneath the tongue helps absorb the medicine quickly.

Can I Combine Flu Medications With Medical Marijuana?

If you have a cold or flu and you consume marijuana, you are likely to experience the heightened effects of cannabinoids. So, you have to consume medications alongside cannabis with care and some precautions. After all, over-the-counter flu drugs can successfully alter or modify how cannabis works inside your body. Moreover, the use of marijuana with medications does not have fatal side effects. The only side effects reported so far include sedation, increased drowsiness, and may also affect cognitive functions. You might temporarily lose the ability to concentrate until the effect wears off.

Please note that: cannabis can prove effective in the treatment of flu. However, each individual has a different biochemistry. This means that the same dose can have different effects on two individuals. While drug use causes side effects such as blurred vision, dry mouth, and loss of balance. Similarly, cannabis can worsen the situation if it is added to the equation. So, be wary of cannabis consumption while you are taking medication for the flu.

Also, to avoid the risk of adverse effects amid consuming prescribed medications, it is wise to stop cannabis consumption until the course of medications complete. Regular cannabis users can reduce the dose while novice can wait until the flu symptoms subsidize.

Cannabis Foods to Help You Feel Better During Flu

Food may not appeal to flu patients due to loss of taste and smell, but if it does you can try eating healthy foods. Moreover, it is vital to eat during sick days as your immune system requires the strength to fight against the flu. The author of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook suggests the use of cannabis-infused bone broth and hemp smoothies when feeling a little under the weather.

So, take some home-made bone broth, put your favorite cannabis flower in it, and serve it hot. You can also make a cannabis smoothie with yogurt, blueberries, and honey. Drink it whilst enjoying the effects of cannabis. In addition, you can try making other food items with cannabis. Especially that will help you feel better during the flu. We suggest that you eat healthy food only and utilize cannabis carefully.

Also, remember that edibles take the longest to digest and even longer to produce the desired effects. So, introduce only a small amount into your food item and consume tiny quantities of the food. As long as you are a novice user avoid eating large amounts of cannabis-infused foods. Regular users can eat edibles but the quantity should not exceed the usual marijuana dose.

Final Thoughts

From the studies and evidence discussed so far, it is perhaps safe to say that cannabis use can help ease the symptoms of flu temporarily. Ideally, the flu lasts for a maximum of seven days. It eventually disappears with time and sometimes the mild symptoms go away without the adoption of treatment methods. If the symptoms persist, get in touch with a healthcare provider immediately, and take a treatment plan.

If you seek medical marijuana treatment, go talk to an expert first, or talk to a qualified medical marijuana doctor. Do not consume cannabis without medical supervision particularly for the flu. Also, remember that cannabis use for the flu is not promising. There is evidence, but most of them are based on animal studies. We also have anecdotal evidence and they fail at showing how cannabis can prove effective in the treatment of the flu. All in all, cannabis may alleviate inflammation and pain, but we have to wait until researchers come out with concrete evidence.

For those who already have seasonal flu, stop the spread of the flu by not sharing your cannabis with friends. Make sure that you wash your hands regularly and sneeze into your arms. Do not meet your friends when suffering from the flu. The flu is contagious and it can easily spread amongst you near and dear ones. Instead, stay inside and rest in your room until the symptoms subsidize.