How To Harvest Weed Plants At Home Like A Pro

Weed Plants At Home

After months of toiling and taking care of your cannabis plant, it’s time to harvest it. Even though it is a last step of the weed growing process at home, it is the single most important step that determines whether you failed or succeeded.

Harvesting weed plants the right ways is important if you want to reap all the benefits of the cannabis plant. When it comes to harvesting weeds, timing is everything. Whether you are a novice or experienced grower, make sure you follow the right process of harvesting.

In this article, you will find an easy, step-by-step guide to harvesting weed plants. Let’s get started:

1. Timing is Everything

Too soon or too late can ruin your efforts. It is essential that you know when to harvest your weed plants. If you take down your plants too soon, they won’t have the quality or quantity of CBD you need. If you are too late the THC will convert into CBN, which is not good news. They are lethargic and harmful.

Know the flowering time of the seed you purchased. This will provide you the information on when you need to check for the maturity. Look for the red hairs or the pistils in the plants which tends to go from white to orange and to red as they mature.

2. Be Thorough with the Buds

Even if you have the flowering time or estimation, it doesn’t really mean it’s correct. When it comes to weed plants or any plants, you need to look for the signs and not believe what the package has to say. Buds are a great place to start. Get a magnifier or microscope to check the trichomes on the bud. The trichomes are the crystal-like structures that appear on the leaves as the plant grows. They are filled with oils made of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Depending on your preference, you can cut the plants based on the color of the crystal structures. If you want more THC or CBD you can cut them when they are white or cloudy. If you cut them when they are redder then you will get the more lethargic CBN.

3. Wet Trimming of the Cannabis Plant

There are two ways to trim the weed plants. One is the wet trimming and the other one is the dry trimming. Wet trimming is done when the leaves are trimmed right after the plant is harvested. This is the most preferred method and the most popular method as well. It’s recommended as it is easier than the dry trimming method. Fresh and sturdy leaves are easier to find. You can remove the buds as well to avoid mold growth. This method can save you a planet of time and effort.

4. Dry Trimming of the Weed Plant

Dry trimming is done after the leaves are harvested and left to dry naturally. The trimming process starts after the leaves are completely dry. Compared to the wet trimming this method is less efficient and time taking. But it has many advantages which makes it a favorite of many growers. This process makes the weed more smoke-able. Dry trim does make it difficult to remove the leaves, but you end up with high-quality weed especially if you are aiming for THC-rich weed.

5. During the Harvest

Now that you have your trimmed weed leaves, it’s time to cure them. One of the best ways to cure your harvest is to put them in brown paper bags. Never use plastic bags as they can be very harmful. Put them in a brown paper bag and mix them at least once a day. Mold and mildew are one of the threats your harvest can face. Make sure that your buds don’t have that and protect them from it by controlling the climate in the room. Remove the buds that show any sign of mold or mildew growth as it will ruin others too.

6. Storing the Harvest

After curing the harvest, it’s time to put them in glass jars. Don’t fill the jars completely and leave some room. The lid should not be too tight so that the air can easily pass through them. This will allow the natural breakdown of the sugar and chlorophyll. Breakdown of sugar makes it easier and smoother to smoke, and break down of the chlorophyll will rawness in the bud to make it taste better. Make sure you have all the things you need to keep your harvest safe and clean for use.

In Conclusion

Harvesting weed plants are one of the important steps of the entire process and should be done with great care. Follow the steps carefully and you will have high-quality weeds for your use.