How Temperature and Humidly Affects the CBD Growth

CBD Growth

Growing marijuana at home is one of the best ways to produce quality CBD. It saves you time and effort and ensures that you have the best quality CBD. One of the key factors that affect the growth of CBD is the temperature.

If you want to grow CBD at home make sure that you know the importance of temperature. The requirement of the right temperature for the CBD growth varies at different stages of the plant growth. It is essential for anyone who wants to grow CBD at home to master the art of providing the right temperature to the plant.

This article will cover the importance of temperature and how you can achieve the right temperature for your CBD plant.

1. Measure the Temperature

It is essential that you have the correct measure of the temperature at which the CBD plant can grow. You can use the thermometer and the hygrometer devices to measure the temperature. The CBD plants need different temperature at different stages of growth, so you will need to measure the temperature from time to time. A digital thermometer is an excellent choice as it can give you accurate information as well as additional assistance like high and lows when not present inside the room.

2. Devices for Controlling the Temperature

There are many devices and equipment you can use to regulate the temperature in the room you are growing your CBD. You will either have to raise or reduce the temperature as per the requirements. The heater is an ideal choice for raising the temperature in the room. It is also cost effective and you might as well have it already at home. For keeping the temperature low you can use the air conditioner.

3. Humidity Plays an Important Role

Like temperature, the humidity also plays an important role when it comes to growing the CBD plant at home. Depending on the humidity level that your plant requires you can use the humidifier and a dehumidifier to raise or reduce the humidity inside the grow room. If your budget allows, you can also use the controller with a sensor to keep track of the temperature and humidity in the room.

4. Temperature During Cloning

If you are cloning your CBD plant then you need to take care of the temperature. If the clones are allowed to get too cold or dry they will be finished before long. Cannabis cuttings thrive best in warm conditions along with high humidity. If the natural temperature is below the requirement then you can use a heat mat under the trays to maintain the ideal temperature of 74-78 degrees F. The humidity level for the cloning needs to be at 75-85%. It is essential that you keep in mind that the right temperature required for the successful cloning of the CBD plant.

5. CBD grow Temperature at Vegetative Stage

In the vegetative stage, the ideal temperature for growth is 70-78 degrees F. This temperature is ideal when the daytime light is on. At night the temperature should be between 10-15 degrees. The ideal humidity level at the vegetative state is 45-55%. If you successfully create the right temperature for your CBD, your plants will be better able to convert the light into energy for growing at the optimal level. This is the stage when the plants get leaves, branches and expanding roots. It’s essential to take care of the temperature and humidity to avoid losing your plant.

6. The temperature for CBD at flowering stage

At flowering stage to your CBD plants need the right temperature. The ideal temperature at this level of growth is 68-75 degrees during the day and 10-15 degrees at night. During the flowering stage, the humidity must be between 35-45% or lower as it can impact the level of growth in the plant. Humidity can give rise to problems like mold, mildew, rot and other similar issues. This is the reason why you need to keep the humidity at an optimum level.

7. Keeping the Plants Dry

Keeping the plant dry is an important stage for the growth of the plants. So, you will need to prepare your drying rooms to accommodate the unique needs of the plants. Dry places will need humidifiers to avoid excess drying or the plants and places with humid climates use a dehumidifier to avoid problems like mold growth. In both the cases, it is important to keep the drying at the best level. This is also the last stage of growth so you will need to be extra careful when you are at it. Constantly monitor the drying room so that you can keep them at the best level.


Temperature and humidity play an important role in the growth of the CBD plant. You will need a routine to keep things at an optimum level so that you have a healthy CBD grow at home.