How CBD Can Help in Treating Anxiety Disorder

CBD can help in Treating Anxiety Disorder

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound naturally found in cannabis plants. Various researches have shown that they can very effective in treating issues like anxiety. A cannabis plant has many compounds including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes intoxication or feeling of high. CBD on the other hand is soothing and helps in releasing stress and anxiety.

There are many ways CBD oil can help people suffering from anxiety. The research on CBD is still in its infancy, but the results are promising. CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plants and is used for making various medicines as well.

Here is how CBD can help you get rid of the anxiety:

It Works With Brain Receptors

One of the few things that have been discovered about the CBD oil is that it works with brain receptors known as the CB1. Receptors are tiny proteins that receive signals from the body and made the cells react. Low serotonin in the body could lead to depression and anxiety. What the CBD compound does is isolate the serotonin and alter its signals to help you reduce the feeling of anxiety.

Although the effect of CBD has been fully established, but the earlier research do show some positive results on how CBD can help in altering the serotonin signals in the body and regulate the feeling of depression in person.

CBD doesn’t get you High

Medicinal marijuana is gaining popularity because the effect of THC can be reduced while increasing the effect of CBD. Unlike the THC, the CBD doesn’t get you high. The CBD oil for anxiety is extracted from the cannabis plant grown in a controlled environment. The ratio of THC and CBD is kept equal or the CBD is more than the THC in case of medicinal marijuana. It means, even if a person is tested positive of THC level in their body, they will not experience any feeling of high because the THC is not that strong in medicinal marijuana.

Helps in reducing social anxiety disorder

CBD oil for anxiety can help in anxiety of all kinds including social anxiety. A 2010 study on the cannabidol concluded that the CBD can in fact have a huge impact on reducing the Social Anxiety Disorder in people. People who participated has shown remarkable changes after the use of CBD. The brain scans showed changes in blood flow to brain regions often related to feeling of anxiety.

The CBD works on the premises that it can alter and affect the signals sent to the brain. The stress and anxiety signals sent to the brain are often responsible for the feeling of anxiety in people. CBD can help regulate such signals to create less anxiety like feelings.

Works in All Kinds of Anxiety Disorders

Anxieties are of various kinds. Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the most common symptoms that you will find in people these days. Blame it on modern lifestyle, peer pressure or other medical reasons, but anxiety is a real thing. Various researches have shown that CBD can be effective in treating anxieties like social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A research on the CBD has shown that the CBD can be very effective in treating anxieties in people. However, the prolonged effect of CBD oils for anxiety hasn’t been established yet. Given the earlier results showing lots of promises, CBD could become instrumental in treating anxieties completely.

CBD Oil for Anxiety is Most effective

There are many ways of taking the medicinal marijuana or CBD. You can have them as smoking or vaping. But, the CBD oil has been found to be the most effective of all forms. There are various types of CBD oil available in the market and there literally have no THC in them or even if the compound is present in them it’s ineffective. It can be taken orally. It can be taken under your tongue using the dropper.

Before consuming the CBD oil, you need to consult the doctor and get recommendation and instruction on how to use them most effectively and safely.

Beware of the side-effects of the CBD oil

CBD oil consumption can come with some side-effects and so you need to be aware of the various side-effects of the CBD oils. You may experience side effects like gastrointestinal discomfort, sleeping difficulties, mood changes, dry mouth, dizziness and fatigue. Educate yourself properly before you use them so that you can be safe.

The Bottom-Line

CBD oil for anxiety can be every effective in treating various kinds of anxieties. The early researches have shown promising results and in the future more discoveries will be made about the CBD. Meanwhile, make sure you use the CBD oil wisely.