How Can Medical Marijuana Help With Blood Cancer?

Studies show Marijuana

Blood cancer is one of the most debilitating types of cancer out there. No matter what type of blood cancer you may have, it can be an extremely difficult experience to try and recover from it. Medical marijuana may be a tool that you can use to get through chemotherapy and recover from the process afterward more easily. If you’re interested in using medical marijuana as part of your blood cancer process, here are four ways it can help.

#1 Fighting Cancer After Chemotherapy

CBD and THC cannabis compounds may be able to kill blood cancer cells all on their own. While research into this field is ongoing, it seems to be most effective when used during and after chemotherapy. This can lower the number of chemotherapy treatments you need, allowing you to fight the cancer more easily and minimize the number of side effects and impacts of cancer in general.

#2 Helping Nausea During Radiation and Chemo

One of the more debilitating side effects that can come from radiation and chemotherapy is nausea. Many people find that the nausea side effects they experience can be completely overwhelming, making it difficult to eat and to do normal, everyday tasks. Nausea and vomiting can be effectively treated with medical marijuana, allowing you to eat well enough that your body can fight off the cancer most effectively.

#3 Alleviating Pain From Cancer and Treatment

Both the cancer itself and the treatment required to battle it can leave you with physical pain that can be extremely debilitating, especially in blood cancers. Many people who are battling cancer experience issues with pain, and medical marijuana can be extremely effective for managing that pain. Whether your cancer is what’s actually causing pain or your treatment is leaving you with pain as it tries to save your life, medical marijuana may be effective at alleviating both.

#4 Helping Both Insomnia and Fatigue

Many cancer patients find that they deal with both insomnia and fatigue. Cancer patients may find it difficult to get to sleep at night, and even if they sleep a full eight hours, they still may not feel rested. These two things can make it more difficult for your body to fight off the cancer cells, especially when they’re working together with each other. Medical marijuana can make it easier for you to fall asleep at night and feel rested when you wake up.


There are a number of ways medical marijuana can help with blood cancer. While different strains may be beneficial for different things, medical marijuana in general has been used by hundreds of thousands of patients to alleviate the symptoms of the cancer itself as well as both the radiation and the chemotherapy that can help save their lives. If you’re interested in using marijuana to help with your own blood cancer issues, you can find a doctor who will be able to give you that ability in your state, helping you manage your cancer more effectively.