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Strains to Fight Depression

Top 10 Cannabis Strains to Fight Depression

Depression is such a complicated disorder where if the person has at least five of the following symptoms for at least two weeks, then he/she is considered to be affected by this disorder. Depressed mood for most of the time particularly in the...

Can You Overdose on Cannabis?

Cannabis has been the subject of many conversations these days. With the recent legislation passed in Canada, and more states opening up their borders to cannabis legalization, one has to ask, “just how safe is this stuff?” Of course, the answer...

Antibiotic Promise of Cannabinoids

Investigating the Antibiotic Promise of Cannabinoids

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are one of the biggest threats and challenges in the world of medicine. It’s a constant concern – bacteria evolve to become resistant to existing treatments, forcing researchers to look for new options. Many are pinning...