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Are you a medical professional, CBD enthusiastic, researcher, a business selling medical marijuana, legal expert, patient, or blog writer who is passionate and knowledgeable about the medical cannabis industry & marijuana?

We welcome you to submit a guest post to help our readers find new information. Write for us and share your information on Cannabis, hemp, CBD health benefits, CBD culture or anything related to CBD with our readers.

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We believe in the sharing of information, which is why we welcome you to write for us. Become a guest contributor for us and share your valuable information with our readers. Whether you are an expert writer, a brand or marijuana enthusiast, you can write & share the information with us and promote your brand. We aim to diversify the content on the website for a global audience, but at the same time, we only allow the guest posts that are highly credible, research-based, and authentic to our readers.

NoteWe reserve the right to remove any content or links or ban any guest post writer as per the requirement and without prior notice.

Why become a guest contributing writer

Becoming a contributing writer has many benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or experienced writer. As long as you can write some quality, unique & informative content we can share it with our readers. In return you will have the following benefits:

Become a published writer: With CBDMyth you will have the chance to get published. You can share your content with people and build a writing portfolio. This is one of the top benefits of becoming a contributing writer or writing a guest.

Reach more audiences: Being a brand or an individual, Writing guest post gives you the chance to reach more readers and grow your followers. If you have a blog of your own, you can publish the link along with the content and you will gradually get more readers for your blog.

Promote your brand: If you want to promote your brand through organic means then sharing your content with CBDMyth is one of the best options. You can promote your brand and take it to the next level by reaching our audience. By writing for us you can get mentions for your brand or website and increase the traffic.

Establish yourself as an expert: By regular sharing of content on other website and blogs you can easily establish yourself as an expert in the field. By reaching more audiences you can gain popularity and trust of your readers.

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Guest Post Writing Guidelines


For people who are new to this, we have prepared guest post

 writing guidelines to help them in crafting a great content. This guideline will help the writers to create a format that is easy for the readers to process.

Here are a few requirements for us to accept the guest post:

  • The guest post must be an original work of yours without any plagiarism issues. And the guest post must be exclusive to our blog only i.e, you will not published the article anywhere else once it is published in our CBD blog.
  • Make sure that you have the copyright over the content and images. We will have the exclusive right for publishing your post on our website. As long as it remains published on our website, we can edit/delete partly or the whole article with you any prior information. We reserve the right to remove any content and ban any guest post as per the requirement and without prior notice.
  • We don’t pay for the guest posts. We believe in free sharing of the content. But for promotion of any specific products or services, you may be interested in advertisement offers.

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Make sure you understand the blow reqirements:

  • Headline – Add a compelling, informative and attention caching headline for the CBD guest post.
  • Length of the Article – There is no restriction on the length of the article. But we would like you write post between 1500 and 2000 words as this will give readers more detailed information.
  • Content– It’s always nice to write articles keeping the readers in mind. They want specific information in easy to understand format. It would be nice if the article is easy to scan.
  • Share Relevant Links – Sharing of relevant link such as a post from the blog published earlier would be nice. You can link to other relevant resources or researches as needed. This will give the readers more sources to read.
  • Relevant Images – Images can make a post more interesting. You can add images as per the requirement to make your blog more appealing to the readers.
  • Sharing in your Social Profiles –  Depending upon the queue it may take 2-3 weeks to published the article. Once your guest post is published here, the post url will be shared with you and you need to promote and share the live link in all your social profiles for mutual benefit.

You CBD guest posts could on various topics related to the cannabis and marijuana industry. From news to laws to business to politics, you have the freedom to choose your own topic as long there is no controversies and illogical information present in the guest post.

We encourage you to write on matters that haven’t been discussed yet and share valuable information less known to people. Our CBD blog aims to provide our readers with high quality content on hemp, marijuana, benefits of CBD & CBD Oil, how to grow plant and business perspective of cannabis. We want to provide a wide variety of articles so that readers can choose their favorite topics in one place.

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We are looking forward to your guest posts.