Facts You Should Know Before Using Marijuana THC Test Kits

Marijuana THC Test Kits

Earlier, testing of marijuana or cannabis samples was only feasible in big laboratories. But now with the introduction of marijuana THC test kit, it is pretty easy to test the cannabis/marijuana samples at home. No knowledge of chemistry or science is required to test the cannabis items with THC test kits. It’s like any individual can buy the cannabis test kit online and test the compounds within minutes.

The Cannabis test kits not only save your time, but are also cost-effective. The test kits are in full compliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety standards. The testing procedure of marijuana THC test kit is proven and is being used in many countries to test the drug samples.

Why Do You Need To Test The Cannabis Potency?

Whether you are growing, or buying cannabis, it is important for you to understand what’s in the cannabis and its potency. Without having any idea about the potency of cannabis, it is not recommended to guess the composition and effects of cannabis. Do you know the composition of cannabis includes more than 80 types of cannabinoids in it? Some commonly found cannabinoids are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBD (Cannabidiol), CBC (Cannabichromene), and others.

All these cannabinoids together contribute to the potency of cannabis. For example, high levels of CBD in the cannabis sample can calm down your anxiety, but if the THC amount is high, it may lead to serious agitation. The ideal ratio of THC and CBD should be 1:1 for effective medicinal results. If the cannabis has got the right proportion of cannabinoids, it can treat nausea, insomnia, and can also reduce the strain and pain. So, don’t forget to test the potency of cannabis before growing or using it for medical applications.

How The Marijuana Test Kit Works?

The cannabis CBD test kits work on Thin Layer Chromatography principle. TLC is a quick and cost-effective testing process which gives quick results about the presence of cannabinoids in the sample. The THC test kits include a TLC plate, which separates all the cannabinoids by color and Rf value.

TLC plate is a sheet of glass coated with thin layer of silica. The sample which is subjected to test is placed on the bottom of the plate. This plate is then moved to a pool of solvent in such a way that, only the bottom part of the plate is dissolved in the liquid. Slowly the entire process will attain a state of equilibrium in which some components will be absorbed by the plate, and some will go to the solution.

Because of the capillary action, the solvent will tend to move to the top of the plate. Once the solvent reaches the top, the plate will be immediately moved out from the developing chamber. In the final step, you need to dry the TLC plate to test the samples further. After drying the silica plate properly, spray the specific dye for cannabinoids.

Make sure, the entire plate is subjected to the dye spray. Now every cannabinoid present in the test sample will display its color. Don’t worry, the marijuana THC test kit includes a color chart to identify the presence of cannabinoids.  CBN – violet, CBD – bright yellow, CBG – orange, THC – wine red, etc.

Compare the displayed color on the TLC plate to the color chart in the test kit and represent the data in a table. In case you are looking for mold, it is recommended to use a microscope.

Important Benefits Of Using THC Test Kits –

If the cannabis substance contains more than 1% of cannabinoids, the TLC plate will immediately reflect the presence through colors. You can find all the details about the working procedure in the instruction manual provided in the kit. Indeed, the THC test kits are of great use. Below here, some important benefits of cannabis test kits are discussed.

  • Easy to use – The CBD test kits are portable in size, thus you can use them at any place as per your convenience. The test kit includes centrifuges, microscopes, scales, variable pipettes, pipettes tips, refill kits, and one instruction manual. Follow the manual and set up your small cannabis testing lab in your home or at your workplace.
  • Cost-effective – Buy the test kit online at an affordable price and start testing the cannabis substances at your place only. It’s like, you have to make a one-time investment in buying the test kit, and you can test the cannabis samples as many times as you want.
  • Time-saving – The big laboratories are not available in every region. Only some top universities and commercial research labs have got the entire lab setup for cannabis testing. Again, it takes a lot of time to test the potency of cannabis in the laboratories. But if you are using the portable THC test kits, you can easily detect the presence of cannabinoids in some minutes only.
  • Accurate results – Many certified laboratories greatly appreciate the use of portable test kits. The kits are used in conjunction with HPLC and GC machines to ensure accurate results. So, when you are in doubt about the potency of cannabis, test the samples with portable cannabis CBD test kits.

From all these above discussions, you must have got an overall idea about the cannabis test kits. It is not illegal to buy the test kits online and test the cannabis samples at home. There is nothing wrong in determining the potency of cannabis for medical or recreational use. This THC test kit seems to be a revolutionary item for drug testing. The manufacturers of this portable test kit are selling the product online. You can visit their online store and buy the test kit without any difficulty.

Get your marijuana testing kit today and use cannabis without any threats.