Effects of CBD Edibles vs. Antidepressants

CBD Edibles

About half the people with depression, deal with anxiety. Both anxiety and depression are treatable. But, only about 1/3 of those suffering receive treatment. The road to recovery can involve therapy, relaxation techniques, and medication. The two main types of medication that can be used are: antidepressants and CBD edibles or gummies. There are a variety of antidepressants and CBD gummies, but both come with varying effects.


When antidepressants work properly, they can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Antidepressants work by altering the balance of certain chemicals in your brain, which can cause side effects.

  • Weight Gain: Long-term use of antidepressants can raise the risk of weight gain and related illnesses.
  • Drowsiness: Some antidepressants can be more energizing, but many antidepressants can have drowsiness as a side effect.
  • Suicidal Thoughts: Antidepressant manufacturers have been ordered by the Food and Drug Administration to post suicide warnings on the package inserts. Children, adolescents, and young adults may be at risk of having suicidal thoughts, especially during the first month of taking the medication.
  • Sexual Problems: Antidepressants can decrease a consumer’s interest in sex. Many consumers switch antidepressants to try and get rid of the negative effects.

CBD Edibles

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many compounds found in cannabis that offers the positive effects of cannabis and leaves out the negative effects. This means that you don’t have to get high to receive the good benefits. CBD edibles are great for reducing pain, anxiety, spasms, psychotic attacks and depression.

  • Long-lasting Relief: Although it takes a while for CBD edibles to take effect, once they do, they last a long time. Many can last two to four hours longer than inhaled CBD.
  • Mood: CBD doesn’t cause a psychotropic high unlike other compounds of cannabis. Consumers receive a mood uplift with a sense of positive, alerted energy. There are no addictive properties and it doesn’t produce intoxicating effects.
  • Safety: CBD edibles are generally safer for the body. It affects several systems in the body, but won’t affect the systems as much as an antidepressant would. There is also no effect on sexual desire. With CBD edibles having many positive effects, unlike antidepressants, you can stick with one type instead of switching to something different in order to counteract the negative side effects.

Don’t let depression or anxiety impair you from living your life. Find a suitable, comfortable treatment as you start your road to recovery. Though there are many positive effects associated with CBD edibles, there are many consumers who do not know about it. While CBD producers work on educating others, you can look at CBD gummies and other related products available from businesses to find the right treatment to get you back on your feet.