Difference Between CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate, and Full Spectrum: Everything you Need to Know

CBD Distillate

Imagine going to a pharmacy to get a CBD product and then the attendant asked if you prefer a CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate or a Full Spectrum?It is important to know the type and purity of level of the CBD product you are buying, as this can directly affect the potency and the overall reaction of the product in the body. We have put this simple guide together to assist youto make the right purchase and to confidently tell that pharmacy assistant “I want a CBD Distillate”. We hope to present every important detail as concise and precise and possible. Enjoy!

CBD Isolate

Simply put, CDB Isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol. It contains no other active compounds. This form of CBD is absolutely free of terpenes, chlorophyll, organic matter, and non-CBD cannabinoids. Because CBD Isolate has already been decarboxylated, it no longer needs to be activated (heated) before it is effective! CBD isolates have no taste or smell, and this practically makes it a versatile substance, as it can be conveniently used in edibles or oils without worrying about additional flavor, while still retaining the potency of the CBD.CBD Isolate is the solution for people who do not want any traces of THC in what they are consuming, as they give you the smallest chance of having THC in the product.

CBD Isolate comes in two main forms; the CBD Powder and the CBD Crystal. The powder form is perfect for those looking for an easy way to add CBD to their recipes as it forms a homogenous mixture with other ingredients, while the CBD crystal is larger, thicker, appears to be in a crystalline form, and are mostly used for dabbing CBD.

CBD isolate is usually recommended as a therapy for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions such as migraines, pain, PTSD and many others. However, care should be taken when purchasing CBD isolates as there any many “synthesized” products on the market. It is advisable to purchase from reputable and trusted manufacturers like the Industrial hemp farms, to get a truly organic, safe and THC-free CBD product check them out here!

CBD Distillate

You could say CBD Isolate is 100% cannabinoid and CBD distillate are 80% CBD. CBD distillates are not as pure as CBD isolate as it contains different terpenes, cannabinoids, and plant materials. This type of CBD is produced by distilling cannabis concentrates. The concentrates can be produced either by using a solvent such as butane or alcohol to extract terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids from the cannabis plant or by using special extraction techniques like the pressure and the rinsing techniques to isolate the constituents of the cannabis plant.

The CBD distillate can be enjoyed in several ways. It can be consumed by dabbing with a dab rig or vaped with a vape pen. Vaping and dabbing cannabis distillates is the most potent and quickest way of consuming CBD products, with the effects noticed almost instantly. CBD distillates can also be a great addition to edibles and allow anyone to easily cook with CBD. Just like the CBD Isolate, CBD distillates are also odorless and tasteless!Distillates are also finding their way into the beauty arena, with the advent of cannabis-infused topicals and CBD beauty products. These CBD topicals offer awesome localized relief to sore muscles and chronic pain associated with inflammation.

However, CBD has faced serious criticism due to the presence of a high percentage of the psychoactive cannabinoid, THC. The legal percentage of THC in a compound is 0.3%, anything above this is considered illegal. This is why CDB distillates are illegal in some parts of the world.

Full Spectrum

A full spectrum CBD is also technically the whole plant. It simply means that the CBD contains other components such as terpenes, other cannabinoids like CBN and CBL, and flavonoids that are beneficial to the body. It is said to contain all the benefits of the whole plant without the high amounts of THC. Research has shown that other cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant offer a wide range of benefits, and tends to complement the effect of the predominant CBD, in a phenomenon called the “entourage effect”. For instance, the unique scent of the hemp plant is directly related to the terpenes.

Aside from the cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD contains a vast assortment of minerals, essential fats, proteins (including the nine essential amino acids), vitamins A, C, & E, calcium, zinc, Iron, phosphorus and potassium that will do the body some good.

Even though CBD isolate is considered to be pure and more concentrated than other CBD products, this does not actually make it superior. The entourage effect of the Full spectrum annuls the potency factor of the isolate. Full spectrum CBD has been found to offer more inflammation reduction, restrictions to the growth of cancer cells, improvement of sleep quality, bone growth promotion, pain relief, fungal infections treatment, reduction of muscle spasms, seizure reductions, sugar level reduction, anxiety relief, and skin condition treatment, amidst others. CBD isolate cannot beat all that – not alone!


While the ultimate goal most times is to use cannabinoids, the form and purity level plays an important role in the potency and effectiveness of the product. CBD distillates are not commonly produced because of their high amounts of THC.

The entourage effect is one good reason why the Full Spectrum CBD is making waves! However, it might not be safe for people who do not want any trace of THC in their body. These people are likely to go for the CBD isolate. For those people who find it hard to pretend not to taste the plant-like taste spectrum CBD, the CBD distillate or the Isolate may be considered. However, if you are satisfied with the numerous benefits of CBD, then the isolate may be everything you need!

The decision to pick between the three forms of CBD burns down to personal preferences! The quality of each product depends on the processing methods employed by the manufacturers. So, you should really consider Industrial Hemp Farms the next time you want to purchase a CBD product!