CBD Oil – What Are The Major Side-Effects

CBD Oil – What Are The Major Side-Effects

In the recent years, CBD has become very popular in health& wellness industry and beauty industry. Many people are now using the CBD for getting pain relief from chronic conditions like arthritis.

CBD is a chemical compound found in cannabis plant and is knows as cannabidiol. It is on-toxic and does not feel high like tetrahtdrocannabidiol (THC), which is another marijuana chemical compound. CBD oil contain Cannabidiol (CBD) and carrier oil.

There are many ways to take CBD oil, like vapour, under tongue spray, softgel capsule, oil, and tincture. CBD oil can also be directly applied to the skin in the form of cream or moisturizer or body lotion.

Some studies have shown that CBD oil can treat many health problems and skin problems. CBD oil is very effective in treating chronic pain, anxiety & depression, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and many more. In skin problem, CBD oil is helpful in treating acne, reducing visible sign of ageing, good for sensitive skin.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD oil is a very effective drug, but it is not without side-effects. Like any other drug, it does have a few side-effects, which are not serious in nature. It is important to know what are the side-effects of CBD oil and how it is going to affect you.

Overall, CBD is considered safe and its side- effects are tolerable. In a research done of the CBD, it showed that cannabidiol can reduce the adverse effect of THC when consumed in high dose. Most of the user can tolerate CBD oil well.

There are some side effects like when CBD oil is used for short period of time with moderate dose: –

  • Tiredness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Indigestion problem
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Interface with certain medication

CBD and its side-effects in various conditions

  • CBD has high anti-inflammatory property and can help in reducing inflammation to a great extent. This may affect the defence system of lungs that leads to infection in lungs. More and more researchare needed to find out if there is going to be other side-effects if taken for long terms.
  • CBD oil is actually suggested for treating a lot of health issues from being a sleep aid to helping in Parkinson’s and anxiety and pain relief in cancer treatment. One of the biggest concerns related to use CBD oil is its side effect. More research is needs to find out whether the side effects in such conditions will be major or if it is safe to use for long term.
  • As CBD oil is extracted from CBD which comes from cannabis plant, which is a drug. There must be some potential side effects that people may experience from the CBD. The question of safety and its effectiveness need to be ascertained with more information.
  • CBD has been used for treating various ailments through ancient time. Till now, there has been no major side-effects recorder from using CBD. Even if CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it does give you high feeling that is actually associated with THC, the psychoactive response generally found in cannabis plant.

In a research, it was seen that the side effect after using CBD oil are normally mildand  it is important to know that  most of the time these side effects were reported when the participants were given extremely high dosage of CBD oil and rarely any side effects are reported when smaller or normal dosage are given to the participants.

Depending on the reason for using CBD oil, it was found that the side effects caused are helpful in many cases. If you are experiencing trouble in sleeping, then the CBD induced drowsiness isn’t such a bad thing for some people. It is advisable to reduce the dosage if you see any undesired side effects. In this way, you can find the amount that gives you benefits that you are looking for without side effects.

Another important factor for side effect from using CBD is the amount of terpene present in CBD oil. Terpene are responsible for the smell and flavours of the plant and also responsible for many of the different effects, like promoting relaxation by altering effect and can help to focus.


While CBD seems to be an effective drug, more research needs to be done. For the present, it is safe to use it. It is essential that you use the right CBD based products, for which you need to consult doctor. CBD based medication is a prescription drug, but there are oils and creams that you can buy. Whether it is for treating a condition or for beauty, consult a doctor first.

The Bottom-Line

CBD is a very effective drug but not without the side-effects. Make sure you know about the side-effects so that you can make a n informed decision when using it.