CBD in Food – Is It Worth It?

CBD Gummies

CBD or cannabidiol has seen growth in the past few years as a remedy for many ailments that include treatment in some forms of epilepsy, insomnia, treatment for chronic pain, muscles spasms and even acne. And lately, CBD is becoming a food supplement as well, and soaring in popularity. One of the main reasons for this is that CBD does not give a psychoactive high like THC.

And a lot of people have claimed that consuming CBD helps them sleep better, gives the much-needed relief in joint pains and makes them feel less anxious. And thanks to its popularity, CBD is now available in a lot of variants that include hemp oil, capsules, vape oils, CBD gummies and other edibles. Naturally, edibles are available for people who are not comfortable inhaling CBD through a vape.

As of the now, the market for food containing CBD is on the rise. And yet, there is a lot of confusion over the legality of CBD in food products. Though CBD is legal under the federal law, when sold under claims of therapeutic benefits, it is still subject to regulation. For instance, in Colorado, a regulation says that hemp plant parts can be added to food and sold. On the other hand, authorities confiscated cookies infused with CBD.

So Is CBD in Food Worth It?

Legalities aside, CBD in food supplements has become commonplace and by the looks of it, is here to stay. So let’s see a few benefits of CBD in food.

Easily Consumable

If you have seen or read about people consuming CBD through a vape, you may have also heard that it is not easy to determine the amount of CBD being vaped. And like capsules or tinctures, CBD in food comes pre-dosed, meaning you know exactly how much you are consuming. This would make it easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your dosage. Besides, it would be tasty as well!

Easy Availability

One of the best reasons to go for CBD edibles is that they are easily available online. Unlike some other products, CBD edibles are available in plenty of variants and are available throughout the United States.

Easy to Prepare

CBD extracts can be simply added to the food you are about to consume and you are good to go. As an added bonus, it also gives the person an antioxidant boost. This also gives you control over how much CBD you are consuming at any given time because you have decided it.

CBD in Food Is More Long Lasting

Consuming CBD in food would last longer compared with vape oils, because in the amount of time it is digested, CBD is released slowly via the digestive system. Besides, consuming CBD in food is more practical rather than putting a few drops of it under your tongue or ingesting them as capsules. For the same reason, it makes the consumption of CBD in food discreet as well.

Compared with a vape pen where you may have to look for a place that allows you to vape, you can simply pop in a CBD gummy to relieve whatever pain you may have and get back to work or whatever you are doing.


Even as you read this, researchers are still finding new ways to use CBD in medicine. If you are suffering from chronic pain (the ones that are not very serious) you can consult a medical practitioner and start taking CBD consumables, forgoing some medications that are sold over the counter, without the harmful side effects, and without getting high.