CBD and Diabetes: How to Use Cannabis Oil to Rebalance Blood Sugar

CBD Enthusiasts

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are one of the chemicals present in the plant. This chemical reacts with receptors present in the brain to produce certain effects. CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the reason people are getting “high” after the use of marijuana. CBD also has other advantages.

How to Use CBD

Some rules must be followed on how to take CBD. CBD oil does not make the person high, but it can increase the symptoms of several diseases, like chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. The oils must not be smoked, but it is edible and, thus, can be added to food. The oil is highly beneficial for the skin. Usually, it is advised to use the oil in its purest form.


When there is an imbalance in the levels of blood sugar, typically when the level is higher than normal, it means that the person is suffering from diabetes. Also, more commonly termed as glucose, it is the primary source of energy that the body takes from the consumed food. The sugar level in the body is controlled by insulin. It is a hormone released by the pancreas, and it helps in transferring glucose from the consumed food to the cells, which produce energy in the body. This is how diabetes affects the immune system. Diabetes can be severe or mild. In mild cases, doctors usually describe them as “borderline diabetes” or “sugar’s touch”.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is mainly distinguished into two types, but actually, it can be differentiated into three types.

  • Type-1 diabetes: Diabetes type-1 is when the body is unable to produce the required amount of insulin to manage the level of blood sugar efficiently in the body. This disease is caused by an overactive immune system. Speaking in other words, the pancreatic cells attack the immune system and can be treated only with insulin. Type-1 diabetes early symptoms can be mostly found in children, but it can also develop at a later stage.
  • Type-2 diabetes: higher than normal blood sugar levels mean you are having this particular type of diabetes. In this matter, the body is unable to produce the required amount of insulin, but the pancreas is unharmed. Lack of insulin production can be the result of high sugary food intake or due to neglect in other nutritional foods. People are mostly diagnosed with this type of diabetes, and it can occur at any point in your life. For the treatment, doctors either prescribe insulin or diabetes drugs, depending on the seriousness of the disease.
  • Gestational diabetes: This particular type is developed only by women. During pregnancy, women may be diagnosed with this type of diabetes, and usually, it does not last forever. This diabetes often disappears with the birth of the baby.

The Outcome of Unrelated Diabetes

So, after reading this, you understand that diabetes develops at a time when the level of blood sugar is quite high. This can cause some health problems that can be serious, like stroke, heart disease, dental disease, foot problems, loss of vision. A lifestyle that includes activities that keep the person active can help people with type-2 diabetes. An active lifestyle helps in reducing the number of carbs as well as sugar. Decreasing the amount of stress and the intake of healthy fatty acids also helps in keeping your blood sugar in check.

Supplements have become an important part of nutrition in everyday life. To enhance the immune system as well as level up the deficiencies of the body, supplements are used. According to research, CBD has a positive impact on many aspects of health. So, the question is, how does CBD work for diabetes?

CBD Oil for Diabetes

One of the common questions raised is, what does CBD do for diabetes? Diabetes is a kind of inflammatory condition. CBD is good for diabetes treatment since it has a few anti-inflammatory properties. According to research, CBD has shown positive results in reducing the resistance of insulin and also controls diabetes blood sugar levels for those who have diabetes type 2 without endocrine.

Does CBD Have Direct Effect on Blood Sugar?

Unfortunately, according to various research, the effect of CBD on humans is still not sufficient. The reason behind this may be the illegal use of marijuana in several states. The cannabis plant of the CBD Origin also comes under the marijuana category.

But the sufficient data that has been received is that the endocannabinoid system of the body plays an important role in regulating energy metabolism, which is necessary for the people who are suffering from diabetes. CBD for diabetes has different responses for different patients. While it can dramatically decrease the level of blood sugar within minutes for some consumers, it may have no effect on the level of blood sugar for others.

Effects That CBD Has On Diabetes

Can CBD affect diabetes?  CBD and diabetes work together. According to the kind of diabetes that you are suffering from, CBD can work effectively-manage, help, or even remove certain symptoms that cause pain and make lifestyle difficult for people suffering from diabetes.

Positive effects that CBD has shown for diabetes are:

Faster Metabolism

Not having a fast metabolism rate would show the result that your body has started to store more fat and does not effectively process the amount of energy required. Thus, it compromises certain fundamental functions, which include the management of blood sugar. Also, it is a known fact that gaining extra weight as a result of slow metabolism results in obesity. Among people suffering from obesity, diabetes has become an initial issue.

Excess amount of fat in the body results in the reduction of sensitivity in the cells present in the blood, thus compromising the capacity to captivate sugar. Doctors call this case an insulin resistance. The main reason for becoming obese is when the body, instead of utilizing sugar for energy, starts to stock it up. Maintaining a healthy weight is the only way to stop diabetes as well as lessen its symptoms.

Among the several CBD benefits, it can also help in promoting the fat browning process. It is a process that allows the body to alter the white fat cells (the cells that store the extra amount of fat) of the body to brown cells. Brown cells are used towards energy at the time of physical activity as well as are easily metabolized.

Lower Insulin Resistance

The glucose transportation to the cell tissues cannot be facilitated when the cells present in the blood become resistant towards insulin, thus leading to a glucose build-up. In the case of a healthy individual, these blood cells should not have a problem absorbing insulin to produce energy.

According to several studies, it has been proved that CBD coffee is the probable link to improve the efficiency of the body in engrossing as well as using insulin.

Reduction In Pancreatic Inflammation

Can CBD help diabetes? The answer is yes. It has been offered as a futuristic anti-inflammatory drug that helps in reducing certain diabetes symptoms, especially for type-1 diabetes.

According to researchers, this particular condition gets developed after severe inflammation occurs in the pancreatic cells. The cells get damaged when the organ is inflamed, to the point that they are almost unable to reach insulin. When you have type-1 diabetes, this must be a wake-up call for you to take your health conditions seriously.

It is seen that the continuous intake of add-ons with CBD chocolate may help in reducing the inflammation in the pancreas.

Better Blood Circulation

Hypertension is quite a common symptom for both type-1 as well as type-2 diabetes, especially when the person is also suffering from obesity.

Unreasonable blood pressure levels also increase the risk of kidney infection, thus a kidney malfunction, which, if not taken seriously, can also cause blindness.

Studies show that CBD pills for diabetes expand the blood vessels, which facilitates the flow of blood in the arteries. This outcome results in healthier control of blood pressure.

Areas That Need More Investigation on CBD and Diabetes

Though it has been proven on several occasions that CBD is good for diabetes, certain areas still need more research.

HDL Cholesterol

According to a small study conducted by the Diabetes Care journal 2016, researchers found that no link couldn’t be established between CBD water for diabetes and levels of higher HDL cholesterol. According to the research, it has also shown that CBD has very little impact in case of appetite or insulin sensitivity, especially for people suffering from diabetes type-2.

Blood Glucose

In the case of potential diabetes treatment, the management of blood glucose is the biggest trouble. There has been no significant study that has proved CBD for diabetes to influence high blood sugar levels. Before incorporating CBD for diabetes into the daily routine, it is important to acknowledge the interest of a healthy diet as well as exercise.

Can CBD Oil be Considered Safe for Diabetes?

According to a report on CBD for diabetes issued by WHO in 2017, it has been clearly said that CBD is safe as well as a natural substance, without any possible abuse. So, the question is, how does diabetes affect lifestyle along with CBD? CBD can be classified as non-intoxicating, which means that it does not have any effect on the mind. It is endurable by humans, even if doses are as high as 1500 mg daily.

Also, CBD reacts with several prescribed drugs since it is absorbed by the similar enzyme present in our liver. From the drug’s active substance, CBD can either extend or lessen the active substance’s amount present in the drug. It is best to consult with your physician before purchasing CBD online if you are taking medications for diabetes.

CBD For Diabetic Neuropathy

It has also been proved that the neuropathic pain experienced by diabetic patients can be reduced by the CBD oil. It works indirectly as well as directly on cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system. CB2 cannabinoid receptors that are found throughout the central nervous system of our body are impacted by CBD. These receptors ease the pain as well as inflammation, and according to studies, nearly all human diseases involve certain sort of dysfunction at the receptors of CB2.

Researchers have suggested that Cannabidiol oil can increase the functioning of inhibitory receptors, which, in turn, regulates the central nervous system. According to research, it has also been found that glycinergic CBD for diabetes is an ideal restorative agent for the treatment of neuropathic as well as inflammatory pain. Along with the promising results that have been observed in different studies, CBD for diabetes, along with potential benefits, is a powerful tool.

One of the significant metabolic states is diabetes not just diminishes the level of blood sugar that can be managed but can be the cause of several other conditions like heart disease, chronic pain, high blood pressure, depression, as well as the loss of vision.

Of course, CBD is not a miracle that can treat all diseases and cure people, but taking it regularly in the right doses will lead to your health and internal processes improvement due to the multiple effects on many organs and systems of the human body.