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CBDMyth is your online source for everything cannabis. From news to articles to laws, to prohibition to health and medicine, we will cover everything on the topic.

For decades, cannabis has earned a bad name notwithstanding its various other benefits. Our aim is to provide you valuable information on cannabis and its various attributes. We have decided to become specialist in sharing as much information as possible about cannabidiol and Medical Marijuana.

Through sharing of information, we want to debunk the various myths that surround the cannabidiol and Medical Marijuana.

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We launched in 2017 when 99% of world people started connecting in Digital way. People are looking for information on Cannabis and marijuana and related topics. So we started this website that is dedicated to bringing you various news and information on the topic.

When Geek, hacker to hustler formed entertainment website, we joined hand with them and formed most committed and engaged community in the field of cannabidiol and Medical Marijuana.

Our story is the true and authentic story of every cannabis user, who represents this industry. Like many other cannabis users, we have also fought against the marijuana prohibition and supported its legalization. We bring you everything you need to know about cannabis and medicinal marijuana. There are so many things attached to the cannabis and marijuana – legal aspect, myths, prejudice and wrong perception. We want to see this plant in new light and how it can change the way we use it.


Users are the most important and integral part of the CBDMyth community and it comes first. Our aim is to share the most important news and information with you. We will bring you important news from around the world so that you can use them as per your needs.

Nearly 50% o the Americans have tried Marijuana, but only 13% or so people use it regularly.  Why restrict it when so many people are already using it and without the hazardous effect that has been preached for many years. Those who abuse the substance will defiantly get hurt, but, not everyone is like those people. We want the restrictions to be lifted and we want free sharing of information online.

The CBD is an important compound found in the cannabis plant. It is very beneficial and is widely used in medicines, oils and various industries use it for noble purposes.

For people like us, the cannabis offers a huge opportunity to use this valuable element in creating something good. This is the reason why we are here – to educate and inform people regarding the valuable benefits of the CBD and how to use it.

How CBDMyth Can Help

We believe in free sharing of the information. With this thing in mind, we will be sharing information on this site. If you are looking for high quality and reliable content on CBD and Medicinal Marijuana then this site will help you get you what you want.

CBDMyth is a growing online community with readers and writers coming together to create something valuable for everyone. We will be covering a lot of things on this website. From the CBD oil consumption to business venture to how to grow plants and how to use them in different ways. You will find a wide range of topics here. A lot of people are interested in knowing what it cannabidiol is and we are more than happy to share the information.

Contributing Writers

CBDMyth is all about people who believe in cannabidiol and its various uses. Our writers are experienced and knowledgeable. We will not be suggesting you anything that we haven’t tried or not sure of.  Our aim is to provide you with quality content. If there are topics that you want us to discuss feel free to write to us.

You can also write for us. We welcome article on various topics related to Cannabis and medicinal marijuana. It’s a growing community and we would like the readers to be an active contributor on this site.