A Comprehensive Discussion on How Cannabidiol Affects One’s Sex Life

Cannabidiol Affects One’s Sex Life

CBD not just cures diseases, it fast-tracks the body’s normal metabolic rate which helps us lose weight and improve our health. Among the benefits of an increased metabolic rate is a healthier sex life.

Obesity negatively affects sex life. So does depression, anxiety, anorexia, and bulimia. CBD effectively treats these health conditions and as a result, consumers get to enjoy better sex.

THC too enhances one’s sex life. How these two cannabinoids impact our sex lives is what we are going to discuss here in this article. Our focus would be on CBD as this site is primarily for CBD related stuff.

CBD topicals for sex

Those who used CBD topical reported it eliminates the pain that comes from penetration. Pain during intercourse is a common phenomenon for women. Many women report vaginal and pelvic pain during sex which not only disrupts the frequency of sex they have with their partners but also makes it incredibly difficult for them to achieve orgasm. Applying CBD balms before and after can make the pain go away.

Men also reported a higher level of enjoyment with CBD topicals. Massaging the penis with CBD balm can increase the blood flow in that area. More blood flows into the penis means stronger erection that lasts long and powerful thrusts.

Yes, there are lubricants in the market that are specifically designed for a better erection and achieving orgasm. But these lubricants contain toxic chemicals which may be harmful to the body. As CBD lotions are perfectly safe and herbal, it’s better to use them instead.

How THC affects sex

THC is known to cause the euphoria that stoners are so fond of. The cannabinoid can clear mental blocks that prevent sexual gratification. Those who smoke Indica heavy strain report better sexual experience than those who smoke Sativa dominant strains.

There’s a stark difference between how THC affects the sexual experience and how CBD affects it. THC increases the sensitivity and receptivity towards sex, as a result, sex becomes more enjoyable. But CBD brings in the stoic feel which makes one more attentive to sex but doesn’t necessarily takes care of the enjoyment part. A balance between the two is what’s needed and that’s why strains with a balanced quantity of Indica and Sativa do so well for those who seek to heighten their sexual pleasure.

How terpenes influence sex

Terpenes cause a diverse range of effects including making one feel more energized and libidinous. In the strictest sense, it is a terpenoid – terpenoids are terpene derivatives, slightly different from terpenes. Linalool is a terpenoid that significantly improves the sexual lives of its users.

It benefits are threefold – relaxation, stress relief, and organic antidepressant. On the flip side, it has tranquilizing effects to soothe neuropathic conditions. An overdose, therefore, could be sleep-inducing.

There are several other terpenes that make one feel ecstatic and super-relaxed. Such terpenes are great for sexual activities as science tells us the more relaxed one feels during sex, the better it gets.

Sleep deprivation and sexuality

Life has become fast-paced and keeping up with it is often tough. Competition is everywhere leading to anxiety and depression. It’s hardly surprising that so many people around the world face the problem of sleep deprivation.

Lack of sleep could cause your sex life to dawdle. For men, it reduces their testosterone level and they feel a lesser drive for sex. For women, it lowers vaginal lubrication which thereby kills their arousal. Erectile dysfunction affects a large number of men around the world. Poor sleep is responsible for ED.

CBD and sleep

CBD has a calming effect on the body which induces sleep. CBD treats sleep apnea and a number of other related disorders. Daytime sleepiness is a problem that not only lowers the productivity level in the workplace but negatively influences one’s sex life. CBD treats daytime sleepiness allowing for increased stamina and better performance during sex.

PTSD and sex

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder can minimize one’s sex drive. People suffering from PTSD are prone to depression, many have the tendency to inflict self-harm. The prerequisite to a healthy sex life is relaxation. PTSD patients cannot relax. They have disturbed or sometimes almost non-existent sex lives.

CBD can cure PTSD. A direct link between CBD consumption and suppression of traumatic memories has been found. PTSD patients reported they felt rejuvenated after using CBD and enjoyed having sex. Complex PTSD lasting for a prolonged period can cause neurological complications which greatly hampers sex life. CBD’s effectiveness in treating neurological disorders is well-known. As the neurological conditions are treated, sex life resumes its quality. Consumption of CBD, therefore, can be linked with better sex life.

Summing up

The brain is the most integral part of the central nervous system. It balances neurochemicals that affect our mood and make our sex lives spicier. CBD’s impact on the brain and the endocannabinoid system is multidimensional. One of the benefits of this impact is a pleasant sex life.