7 Personalities to Follow During the CBD / Green Rush

Benefits of CBD

If you have not noticed, there’s been a huge uptick in a certain industry. It’s very green. It’s very plant friendly. Sometimes it’s a little loud. The cannabis industry has exploded in the past couple of years. With the increase of legalization around the country and new applications, the industry has reached new heights. Huge retailers from CVS to Sephora have picked up items that contain cannabis for mass distribution and there seems to be no slowing down. Big alcohol is even trying to cash in on the opportunity by investing in drinkable marijuana. The possibilities and applications are endless. So, there’s no reason you shouldn’t benefit from this time too. These influencers will help you begin or take your weed journey to the next level!

#1 Rachna Patel

The One that You go to for Advice

Dr. Rachna Patel for learning about all things marijuana and CBD related. From the legality, the uses, and the doses, she covers a plethora of surrounding topics that will ensure you’re using the weed to your benefit.

#2 Meaghan Bolton

The One that’s Funny and Smart

Meaghan Bolton is the perfect balance of weed, humor, and the combination of the two. Her viral content often revolves around hilariously relatable situations, unique photography, and cool smoke tricks.

On the other hand, she studies CBD in the field of biopsychology.

#3 Anthony Pettis

The One that’s a UFC Fighter

Anthony Pettis is UFC fighter who competes in the Lightweight division with well over 1 million followers. He’s a big supporter of the benefits of cannabis and even smoked a joint at a UFC open workout. He relies on weed for its natural properties rather than relying on potentially damaging anti inflammatories.

#4 Ben Guez

The One that Promotes the Prohibited

Ben Guez, a French entrepreneur, left Nice to start his own journey in LA as a digital wizard and well-known savage. He is the founder of one of the only agencies that promotes cannabis products online as part of their Re-Laxir program. Using different techniques as  SEO, influencer and paid ads, he’s become the bridge between the public and a very challenging niche.

#5 Montel Williams

The One that Hosted one of the Longest Running Shows in History

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, TV host Montel Williams searched at length for something that would alleviate his pains. Since discovering the relief that CBD has provided for him, he’s advocated for the ingredient and for medicinal quality CBD at great lengths.

#6 Snoop Dogg

The One who’s Always been with it

If you’ve listened to any Snoop Dogg song, you’re sure to find one thing about him. He likes his weed. It’s a staple point for him and has defined his brand since his beginnings in the 90s. He’s created a community for cannabis users around the world. He has brought smoking into the mainstream and has trail BLAZED its normalization as a benefit to your wellbeing.

#7 Kimberly Dillon

The One that’s Advocated for CBD since the Beginning

Kimberly Dillon has fought for the removal of taboo of CBD for years. Dillon is the founder of Plant and Prosper, a consulting firm, and the CMO of CBD wellness company Papa & Barkley. She credits removing some of the stigma by aligning Papa & Barkley with wellness. From promoting CBD yoga to creating a 100% natural product, Dillon and the company strive to support a healthy lifestyle.