7 Easy Steps To Growing Organic Weed At Home

Growing Organic Weed At Home

Growing organic weed high in quality is dream for the most of the cannabis cultivators. High quality weeds are rich in compounds like CBD, which is widely used in making medicines, treatment for chronic pain, and many more things. Some have doubts whether it is possible to grow unrefined weeds. The answer is yes, you can grow natural weeds.

Marijuana or cannabis can be grown using chemicals and some are of the opinion that there is hardly any difference between the natural and chemically treated plant. For one reason, the organic weeds are high in quality and are less likely to have any negative effect.

This article will provide you step by step guide on growing your own organic weed at home:

Understand What’s Organic Weed

Before you embark on the journey of growing organic weed, understand what it is exactly. It means growing weeds from the natural sources. You can grow cannabis in the lab using the synthetic salt compounds. While it may sound easy and economically viable, it’s damaging to the environment and the people as well. Growing natural weeds means you have the high quality plant. For the purpose of making medicines the organic weeds are the best choices. Growing weeds organically isn’t that difficult either and you can easily find the right stuff to do so.

Things You Will Need

When you are growing organic weeds, you need healthy and living soil that hasn’t been chemically treated in any way. It defeats the purpose of growing organic weeds if you use chemicals, even a small amount of it. Now, you can also opt for organic nutrients from the companies specializing in it. It is a best alternative that will not clog your dippers or stink-up your reservoirs.

Growing Weed in the Bucket

If you are growing weeds at home then bucket system is one of the best ways to do so. Get 5-gallon buckets and drill a hole into the bottom so that excess water can pass out. With the 5-gallon bucket you can grow large plants as they have proven to be more effective than the smaller size plants. Prepare the mix of clones you are using. The temperature and humidity play a major role, so you need take care of it. Make sure that your plants get the desired light, temperature and humidity to grow comfortably. At every stage of the growth, your marijuana plant will need attention and different temp and humidity levels.

Make Compost For Cannabis

Ditch the store bought soil for a natural compost made from nitrogen and carbon-rich materials like the dead leaves, plant and tree trimmings, pine needles, manure, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels and seaweed. This will help you create very marijuana-friendly compost that will aid in healthy and strong weed plant growth. The microorganisms in your compost heap should be ready when you feel them to be soft and earthy smelling.

Plant your marijuana Seeds Properly

The next step is to plant your marijuana seeds properly so that they can grow well. There are many ways you can put the seeds in the soil and start growing the plant. But, if you are looking for an efficient way to do it, soak them in water first for 24 hours. Then put the seeds on the paper towels so that they can grow the sprouts. Now your weeds are ready to grow. This is one of the best ways to plant the seeds for great results.

Fertilizing your Weed Plant

Just like any other plant, your marijuana plant too needs fertilizing. The compost you created for the soil, you can use them to give your plants the nutrients it needs as it grows. They are called compost teas and can be fed directly to the plant. The compost will inoculate the fungi in the soil.

Pesticides for your Weed

Grow organic weed that is free of pest’s infestation by using organic pesticides. There are harmful pests that can damage your cannabis plants. You should avoid using chemical pesticides as you want to grow organic weed that is completely free of the chemicals. The good news is that you can easily make a natural pesticide for your plant using the neem oil. You can spray the mixture on the leaves to keep pests like spider mites, whiteflies, and thrips away from your plants.

In conclusion

To grow organic weed you need the best soil for it. It mostly depends on it and you can prepare the soil that will help your plant grow fast and healthy. Use these steps and tips to grow your own marijuana plant at home with compost for soil, organic soil fertilizer replacements and your own compost teas.