5 Reasons I Use Hemp Oil to Find My Calm and Reduce Anxiety

Hemp Oil and its Components Work

Do you struggle with anxiety or depression or stress? If you do, you’re not alone – the modern world which we live in is notorious for being a high stress environment, and this means that more and more of us are finding it hard to cope with the pressures that the busy modern world puts on us.

But what can be done about this? Coping with stress is something that seems basically impossible in the workplace, especially when we consider how being stressed can impact on our performance and ability to focus – which in turn can put us even more behind with our work, and that will only make the entire situation even more stressful!

Does this sound familiar? It does to me. Fortunately, though, I found hemp oil and now, I’m able to live my life free of stress and anxiety compared to a few years ago. Let me explain and I hope that you will soon be able to find relief from your stress, too.

Hemp and Anxiety: My Story

A few years ago, I was in a situation that is probably very similar to many other people today. I was working in a busy office job and the workload just seemed to keep piling up.

I liked to think I was pretty good at my job and I always got my work done on time. Some people might have called me a workaholic back then, but hey, I was proud of my job and always wanted to do my best every day. I was a model colleague – until not long after my 24th birthday.

It didn’t seem too bad, really, or not at the time anyway. My friends and I went out for drinks after work, and we had just a bit too much. By which I of course mean, I had never felt so hungover the next day – and dragging myself into the office was obviously a nightmare.

That day, I got behind on my work. Unsurprisingly, right? Unfortunately, though, that was the trigger for me; I got behind on my work, right at a time when a number of my colleagues had also been taken off sick. And so, the workload began to pile up, and up, and up. And before long, my usually calm and collected demeanour began to slip.

I was manic, and as each new colleague took time off sick, my stress got greater. I found myself getting more and more overworked and I was regularly unable to meet my deadlines, and as a result of that, I also found myself turning to alcohol more and more regularly as a means to escape the stress of my life.

In short? I was a mess – I’ll admit that now. But over time, things just got progressively worse for me, and what started out as a few late deadlines ended up spiralling out of control. My personal life was hugely affected, and at a time when I already had more than enough stress in my personal life – and I could hardly cope with it all.

A few years later, I was struggling tremendously – and my partner finally convinced me to go to the pharmacist and get help. Over that time, I’d developed anxiety, and it was impacting on my life in so many ways. But what could I do about it?

Of course, my pharmacist prescribed anti-depressants and drugs – drugs which I reluctantly took while adamantly telling my partner that I didn’t need them.

Did they help? Personally, I would say no – I continued about my life in the same manner as before, overworked and over stressed and with a constant restlessness that impacted everything I did. And then I discovered hemp oil.

Well, actually, I didn’t discover hemp oil; a colleague of mine was actually the one to tell me about it and the wonders it had done for his stress, which I already knew about at the time. And, after a little bit of research, I figured I would give it a try.

What was there to lose at that point anyway?

Well, I was amazed by the results that I saw. Within the space of just a few weeks, I was already starting to feel a little calmer by life and didn’t wake up with the same sense of dread and restlessness that had plagued every morning for the past few years. I felt a new lease of life, and I knew that hemp oil was the product that I had needed for so long to help me get my life back.

How Hemp Oil Can Help with Anxiety

At the time when I started taking hemp oil, I didn’t know much about how it might be able to help me – just that my colleague had tried it and had good success, and that maybe it could also be of benefit for me too. It was a last ditch attempt at finding my calm again, really, but it was only after I saw success with it that I actually thought to look more into why hemp oil is helpful for this.

Now, hemp is actually a strain of cannabis – yes, you read that right – but unlike other recreational strains of cannabis, it has not been bred for the recreational effects that one might expect. Instead, hemp is grown purely for a medicinal purpose, and this is what makes hemp oil such a great supplement for a wide variety of conditions.

But what is it in hemp that makes it so effective? The answer is actually incredibly straightforward: CBD.

CBD and THC: What Are They?

So then, what is CBD? You may have heard about CBD before, but you wouldn’t be to blame if you didn’t know much about what it actually is.

In short, CBD is one of many cannabidiol compounds derived from cannabis plants. It is actually found in all cannabis plants; however, hemp plants have been specifically bred with a focus on having a high CBD content.

Other strains of cannabis which are bred for recreational purposes are bred with a different goal in mind: increasing the THC content of the plants. THC is a cannabidiol compound like CBD, but it is a psychoactive compound whereas CBD is not.

This is the primary difference between hemp and normal recreational strains of cannabis; since hemp has 0.3% or less THC, it doesn’t result in the same intense ‘high’ sensation of normal cannabis. However, because of the high CBD content, it can still offer all of the incredible health benefits of normal cannabis – and this includes helping users find their calm and treat anxiety symptoms.

How Hemp Oil Can Help You!

Hemp oil is incredibly powerful and can provide you with a huge number of different benefits, and understanding these benefits is essential before you start using hemp oil. By making sure that you understand the benefits that hemp oil can offer for you, you will be able to ensure that you are also getting the most from your hemp oil supplementation.

Hemp oil can provide a huge number of different health benefits. Just some of these many benefits are summarized below.

Relief from Depression, Anxiety and Stress

One of the most well-known ways in which hemp oil and CBD can be of use for your health is actually for mental health. As someone who was diagnosed with anxiety and who has had more than their fair share of stress, I can personally attest to how hemp oil has helped me with my symptoms and helped me find my calm – but can it help other people too?

It is estimated that as many as 30% of adults in the United States could actually be suffering from anxiety or some form of anxiety disorder. Like I say, with the high stress nature of our modern world… is this really that surprising? However, CBD and hemp oil could potentially help with this.

This is particularly notable when many drugs for controlling anxiety, depression and stress have plenty of unpleasant side effects. Hemp oil, by contrast, has very few side effects and some people won’t experience any side effects at all – potentially making it a great choice for you to consider!

Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

CBD and hemp oil have also been found to be highly effective for helping people to find relief from pain and suffering, and this is something that is highly notable.

As with depression and anxiety, many pain control medications can cause unwanted side effects or can otherwise be ineffective; some are even highly addictive in nature, and this means that an alternative that works could be hugely useful. Fortunately, hemp oil could be that alternative thanks to its ability to help control pain and reduce inflammation.

Benefits of Choosing Hemp Oil for Anxiety and Stress

Hemp supplements come in a huge number of different forms and this might make it hard to choose the right form for you. Some of the many forms include oils, gummies, vapours, and creams; however, if you are suffering from anxiety and stress like I was then I highly recommend that you try hemp oil.

Hemp oil offers a number of benefits over other forms of stress for people suffering from stress and anxiety. For one thing, it is arguably the most affordable way of consuming hemp supplements; other forms can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are looking into trying edibles such as chews, gummies, chocolates, or hemp tea.

In addition to this, hemp oil is also incredibly easy to take. The oil itself is often highly potent and so you may not need to take much at all to see results; oftentimes, a few drops might even be enough to get your dose of CBD! This means that you won’t have to worry particularly about the taste of the oil due to the low dose, and you can easily and discretely take the supplement at a time of day that works best for you.

Finally, hemp oil is also one of the most widely available forms of hemp supplement and this could make it a product that is a good choice for you to try.

Make Sure You’re Buying Quality Products!

However, when it comes to buying hemp oil for your anxiety or stress, it is absolutely imperative that you do your research before buying anything. Indeed, not all hemp products are created equal, and the same can be said for hemp oil.

Different products will have varying price tags and potencies, and this may be something that you wish to consider. However, the most important thing to consider when buying hemp oil is that of its purity.

Different hemp oil products will have differing purities, especially in regard to CBD content. If you’re buying hemp oil, it is essential that you choose a brand which is well known for using the purest extraction methods if you want the highest quality (and most effective!) hemp oil for your money!

Final Thoughts

Hemp oil was a game changer in helping me to transform my life and find my peace again, and the same could be the case for you. Hemp oil might just be the ‘miracle cure’ that you need to find your calm and get relief from your stress and anxiety and move on with your life once and for all.